Franco-Swiss CEVA Railway Line Opens

On 12 December passengers travelled on the Franco-Swiss CEVA line for the first time. CEVA is part of the Léman Express project, Europe’s largest cross-border regional express network. Full services then began on 15 December in line with the new timetable. Authorities from both countries attended the official opening event.

The CEVA rail infrastructure project took eight years to complete for a sum of 1.8 billion euros. This funding came from France and Switzerland as well as regional transport offices and local companies, with additional monies from the European Union.

CEVA will see a daily traffic volume of 240 trains, connecting 45 stations over 230km of track on both sides of the border. There will be up to six trains per hour between Geneva and Annemasse in each direction, running seven days a week. Services will run from 5:30am to 12:30am on weekdays and around the clock on weekends. In total there are 40 trains operating under the Léman Express brand.