Schaltbau Solves Customer Problems by Designing and Making Accessories

Schaltbau is a supplier of contactors, switches, connectors and train controls for OEMs, system suppliers and operators in the UK and globally. The company also solves customer problems by designing and making accessories. For example, we produced this portable 96V DC train battery booster pack for a UK rail operator.

96V DC Train Battery Booster Pack

Housed in a tough aluminium case with a high-visibility yellow powder-coat finish, the booster pack has eight sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. A single isolator switch controls the power to the 96V polarised heavy-duty socket, which is located on the front panel.

The booster pack has a single 96V DC output. The internal components are protected against accidental short-circuit thanks to a 125A fuse. It is mounted internally on the 96V positive (+) output.

The internal cells are recharged from a pair of single-phase internal 48V 5A chargers that connect to the electrical supply by a C19 16A IEC mains lead.

Users appreciate its robust design, simple operation and features, such as lifting handles, which make it easy to lift across rails in a depot, for example.

How Can Schaltbau Help You?

Schaltbau work with the world’s leading rail vehicle manufacturers to produce products and new technology to meet the evolving demands and expectations of our customers and the global rail industry.

If you want to find out what Schaltbau can do for you, please visit our stand at the sold-out Rolling Stock Networking, which will take place at the Derby Velodrome on 11 July. We will be at stand J14.

You can also contact us on 01633 877555 or email [email protected]. Specific information for for rolling stock can be found at at www.schaltbau-me rail electrics.