Amtrak Commits to Infrastructure Improvements on Northeast Corridor

Amtrak has committed approximately 130 million USD to carry out infrastructure improvements and maintain the condition of the railroad between Washington DC and New York.

Over 55 million USD of the funding will be spent this summer on projects that will reduce the likelihood of lengthy train delays and enhance the passenger experience on the Northeast Corridor.

The projects will include replacing 40 track switches throughout New York and the Northern and Southern Mid-Atlantic regions and upgrading up to 25 miles of track in the Southern Mid-Atlantic region.

Amtrak Infrastructure ImprovementsThe upcoming infrastructure improvements between Washington D.C. and New York are part of Amtrak’s larger effort to improve the railroad and enhance the overall customer experience

Amtrak Executive Vice President, Capital Delivery Laura Mason said:

“Amtrak continues to prioritise updating our infrastructure to improve service reliability on the Northeast Corridor. Modernising and investing in infrastructure is a continuous process on the railroad and we thank our partners for their coordination and flexibility as we advance these important projects.”

To enable these upgrades, train schedules have been adjusted for the construction period. However, the majority of work will take place at night to minimise its impact on customers.

500 new employees have already been hired to complete these infrastructure improvements, and Amtrak states that recruitment will continue throughout the year.