EU: 1.4 Billion Euros for Sustainable Transport Projects

The European Commission has made 1.4 billion euros (1.55 billion USD) of funding available through its Connecting Europe Facility to support transport projects throughout the EU. It says this investment will help build missing connections in Europe, with a focus on sustainable transport options.

50 million euros is set aside for the deployment of the European Rail Traffic Management System.

EU Transport Funding

The funding is broken down into two envelopes: the General envelope and the Cohesion envelope. The funds reserved for the Cohesion envelope will be accessible to those 15 Member States that are eligible. The eligibility criterion is for the Gross National Income per capita to be less than 90 percent of the EU average. For the 2014–2020 funding period this applies to: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Cohesion Envelope Funding: 650 million euros

  • Pre-identified projects on the Corridors of the Core Network: 610 million euros
  • Safe and secure infrastructure: 40 million euros

General Envelope Funding: 750 million euros

  • Pre-identified projects on the Corridors of the Core Network: 500 million euros
  • Deployment of ERTMS: 50 million euros
  • Safe and secure infrastructure: 20 million euros
  • Intelligent Transport Services (ITS): 20 million euros
  • Single European Sky (SESAR): 20 million euros
  • Actions implementing transport infrastructure in nodes of the Core Network, including urban nodes and passenger multimodality: 110 million euros
  • Motorways of the sea: 30 million euros

Pre-identified Projects: Rail

According to EU documents, the pre-identified transport projects eligible for funding include those that are cross-border projects, those that are aiming to get rid of bottlenecks, interconnections between rail and other modes, and connecting freight terminals to the Core Network.