Smartron locomotive offered for Bulgaria and Romania

EUROPE: Siemens Mobility now offers its Smartron electric locomotives pre-configured for use in Bulgaria and Romania.

The Smartron was launched in 2018 as a budget version of Siemens’ Vectron modular locomotive. It is offered in standard specification including the Capri Blue livery, offering freight operators faster delivery times and a lower cost than the configurable Vectron family.

Locos for Germany are configured for 15 kV 16·7 Hz operation, while those for Bulgaria and Romania are equipped for 25 kV 50 Hz and fitted with the PZB train protection system.

E-P Rail has ordered four Smartrons for use in Romania, while Bulgaria’s PIMK has ordered three; authorisation for operation has already been received.

‘We’ve sold more than 25 Smartron locomotives since launching the product in spring 2018’, said Siemens Mobility CEO Sabrina Soussan on August 30. ‘The Smartron is a powerful and highly reliable locomotive designed for a specific transport function, making possible a simplified and cost-effective purchase process. Now operators in Bulgaria and Romania can also profit from this concept.’