MRCE Orders 14 Siemens Vectron Multi-System Locomotives

Locomotive leasing company Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE) has ordered 14 Vectron MS multi-system locomotives from Siemens Mobility.

This order is part of an existing contract between MRCE and Siemens Mobility.

Upon delivery, MRCE will have a fleet of 147 Vectron locomotives.

Siemens Vectron LocomotivesMRCE plans to use the locomotives for operations across Europe

Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility said:

“We are especially pleased that our longstanding customer MRCE is further expanding its fleet of Vectrons. MCRE’s trust in us shows that our Vectron locomotives stand for reliability and flexibility in European passenger and freight transport.”

The newly ordered Vectron multi-system locomotives will have a maximum power at wheel of 6.4 megawatts and a top speed of 160 kilometres per hour.

MRCE plans to use the locomotives in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and the Netherlands.

The locomotives will be manufactured at the Siemens Mobility plant in Munich-Allach. They will be equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS) as well as all required national train control systems.

Hayato Yanagisawa, CEO of MRCE said:

“We believe that Vectron will be the solution in the long run for meeting future cross-border needs in the European market, and we intend to steadily increase our Vectron fleet as a main asset in our portfolio.”