Network Rail announces signalling and telecoms framework deals worth £750m

UK: Infrastructure manager Network Rail announced the award of six geographical Signalling & Telecoms framework contracts with an estimated total value of £750m on April 29.

The S&T frameworks cover projects of varying value, including stand-alone level crossing works, major telecommunications works and related civil works, during regulatory Control Period 6 from 2019 to 2024.

Network Rail CP6 Signalling & Telecoms framework contracts
Lot Area Contractor Value
1 London North West VolkerRail Special Businesses Ltd £175m (£150 – £250m)
2 Anglia, South East and Wessex Atkins Ltd £175m (£150 – £250m)
3 London North East Linbrooke Services Ltd £125m (£100 – £200m)
4 Scotland Babcock Rail Ltd £150m (£100 – £200m)
5 Western Colas Rail Ltd £75m (£50 – £125m)
6 Wales Siemens Mobility Ltd £50m (£25 – £100m)

‘The S&T framework awards are the first awards in a three-tier approach to signalling delivery for CP6 which aims to recognise the differing signalling work banks we have to deliver’, said Martin Robinson, NR Commercial Director, Signalling.  ‘The framework’s approach using fewer contractors will help bring them closer to Network Rail and the Routes/Regions and make further progress in working more collaboratively’, he added.

The Minor Signalling framework contracts covering smaller activities such as component replacement are expected to be awarded in June. This will be followed in January 2020 by the Major Signalling projects framework contracts.

‘Our strategy for delivering signalling works in CP6 focuses on bringing the supplier closer to the client and facilitating a more integrated way of working’, said Kevin Robertshaw, Programme Director Signalling.