Alstom Delivers MP14 Metros for Paris’ Line 14 Extension

Alstom has celebrated the delivery of its MP14 rubber-tyred metro, coinciding with the opening of the Line 14 extension in Île-de-France.

The extension, inaugurated on 24 June, now connects Saint-Denis Pleyel to Orly Airport, reducing travel time to 40 minutes. This new service is expected to cater to one million passengers.

Alstom’s new-generation rubber-tyred metroAlstom’s new-generation rubber-tyred metro

© Alstom

The MP14 metro units were delivered under Alstom’s contract with RATP and Île-de-France Mobilités. The project involved over 1,000 Alstom employees, working at an unprecedented production rate of almost one trainset per week.

To meet the tight deadlines, Alstom implemented a robust mobilisation plan at its Valenciennes Petite-Forêt site, which included opening a second production line and increasing the workforce.

Alstom’s other sites in France also contributed by providing essential components such as bogies, motors, traction systems, onboard electronics, and safety IT.

Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud, President of Alstom France said:

“I would like to pay tribute to the exceptional work of our teams on the MP14 project, which will enable us to meet the mobility needs of millions of people living in the Greater Paris region. This success is the result of the unwavering commitment of our employees, who have deployed their expertise and know-how to design and deliver a high-quality product on a timely manner, so that we can meet the deadlines for these extensions.”

The MP14 metro is designed to enhance passenger comfort and efficiency. Its open design allows passengers to move freely throughout the train. Large entrance areas provide accessibility, while the boomerang and alcove seating offer conviviality and privacy.

The metro features well-distributed LED lighting, seasonal ventilation systems, a comprehensive video-protection system and dynamic passenger information screens.

In addition, the MP14 prioritises sustainability. Its electric braking system recovers energy and feeds it back into the network, reducing energy consumption by nearly 20%. The metro is also 40% quieter and boasts a 95% recyclability rate.

Interior fittings are modular, allowing for upgrades throughout its lifetime. What’s more, the MP14 is equipped with a fully computerised safety control system, ensuring high levels of safety while facilitating maintainability.

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