Train services set to be restored soon after Carlisle derailment

Derailment ++ It is hoped that trains will start running again between Carlisle, Hexham and Skipton early next month, as work to clear the site of the derailment of a cement train near Carlisle continues. Network Rail has revealed that the accident on 19 October damaged 80 metres of track and destroyed 41 metres of a bridge parapet while work has been continuing to remove the overturned wagons, which had been carrying 300 tonnes of powered cement. Network Rail senior programme manager Mark Evans said: ‘A great deal of preparation work has gone into the complex lifting of the wagons, with the main crane now towering above the city.’

Vandalism ++ East Midlands Railway is appealing for help from people who know about ‘reckless acts’ which involve objects being dumped on the line. They have included a microwave oven, a shopping trolley and a bicycle. There was been a total of 10 such incidents over the past year, while bricks and stones have also been thrown at trains on 14 occasions. EMR is the second operator to report incidents of vandalism recently, after Northern said its trains had also been put at risk on many occasions. East Midlands Railway is now installing high-definition CCTV which can be monitored by British Transport Police.