Yeltech’s Intelligent PS210 Position Sensor

Yeltech’s intelligent PS210 Position Sensor can be used for remote monitoring of water levels in high-risk areas.

Our robust, accurate, non-contact solution for level or position sensing applications. The PS210 Position Sensor provides accurate, power-efficient & robust measurements without interference from noise, dust, colour or direct or indirect light.

Intelligent PS210 Position Sensor

The small self-contained battery-powered sensor offers years of sensing positions, motion and vibration in a range of industrial applications.

An easy-to-install “peel and stick” option provides rapid & cost-effective retrofit applications. It’s small size and lightweight maximize installation flexibility while its robust construction means years of operation in the harshest environments.

Communicating through Bluetooth v5 long-range or proprietary mesh, the PS210 can communicate measurements to customers IoT platforms via fixed or mobile gateways as well as through smartphones.

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This article was originally published by Yeltech.