Amberg Technologies and Pandrol Sign Strategic Partnership

Amberg Technologies AG and Pandrol Have Signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement

Amberg will supply Pandrol with a customized version of a trolley to measure track geometry parameters. Based on more than 20 years of Amberg experience in developing solutions to measure and monitor track infrastructure and more than 100 years of Pandrol skills in rail market, this new product fits perfectly with our customer expectations.

trolley to measure track geometry parameters

The new family of trolleys is equipped with sensors and software of latest generation designed to fit with the needs of different segments of railways. The operators benefit of cutting-edge technology generating highest performances, user friendly and intuitive interfaces that require no special skills for a smooth operation on the track.

The new track measuring system has been presented at InnoTrans 2022.

Pandrol Head of Product line – Equipment & Control Ms. Maria Nilsson commented:

“With Amberg’s state-of-the-art technology in track measuring equipment we are able to meet the growing demands of easy and precise monitoring of track, which is the key to increase railway availability and lower the maintenance costs.”

Amberg Technologies CEO Mr. Svein G. Vatslid said:

“For Amberg Technologies, a cooperation with Pandrol is of strategic importance. It will enhance Amberg’s global footprint and the visibility of our measuring technology to customers beyond our traditional network.”

This article was originally published by Amberg Technologies AG.