Power Supplies for Multimedia Equipment According to EN 55032

Do you need to power multimedia equipment in rolling stock or various other applications?

intreXis provides a dedicated DC/DC converter series which fulfils the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements of EN 55032 Class A by a wide margin. Generally, the EMC requirements for railway applications are specified in the EN 50121-3-2 standard. For the conducted emissions, this standard for railway applications specifies less restrictive limits than other standards for industrial or multimedia applications.

EN 55032 StandardsBy choosing an intreXis DC/DC converter you benefit from tested field-proven designs

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The EN 50121-3-2 standard specifies limits only for the quasi-peak detector, whereas other standards also require measurement with the average detector. Furthermore, the quasi-peak limits of EN 50121-3-2 are much higher than the limits specified by other EMC standards. Therefore, railway applications which are involved with radio services need more restrictive limits to avoid interferences. For such applications, the conducted emissions must pass the limits according to the EN 55032 Class A standard, which specifies the EMC of this multimedia equipment.

By choosing the intreXis IC27X DC/DC converter and other types, you benefit from tested field-proven designs. You minimise development time by maximising the first-pass chance for the EMC test.

Find out here about the outstanding intreXis DC/DC converter series, which can be used in a wider range of applications, including video, radio transceivers or other communication equipment.

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