Work Starts to Renew Glasgow Rail Bridge

Network Rail is about to start vital maintenance and renewal work on the Glasgow city centre rail bridge which spans the A8 at Saltmarket.

The structure, on the City Union Line, provides a diversion route for freight traffic and a route for passenger trains to Shields Depot where the vehicles stabled and cleaned.

Valued at 3.8 million GBP (4.51m EUR | 4.6m USD), the 12-month programme will begin on 15 August and is set to extend the lifespan of the wrought-iron bridge, which is already over 150 years old.

The work will involve rivet busting and grit blasting activities, as well as metalwork repairs and painting.

Rail bridge spanning the A8 at Saltmarket, near Glasgow CrossRail bridge spanning the A8 at Saltmarket, near Glasgow Cross

© Network Rail

This project is part of a 4 billion GBP (4.74bn EUR | 4.84bn USD) bridge modernisation programme designed to increase reliability and improve performance on Scotland’s railway.

Suzanne McKay, Scheme Project Manager at Network Rail, said:

“Vital maintenance and renewals work such as the work at Saltmarket bridge helps Network Rail continue to run a safe and reliable railway throughout Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

“This essential work will not only greatly improve the look of the 150-year-old structure but will extend its lifespan for up to two decades.”