Hitachi Rail to Install ERTMS Signalling on Tågab Trains

Tågåkeriet I Bergslagen AB (Tågab) has contracted Hitachi Rail to install ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) signalling technology on-board trains operating in Sweden and Norway.

Hitachi Rail will design and install the ERTMS digital signalling technology to modernise Tågab’s Scandinavian fleet. This upgrade will improve the fleet’s operational efficiency and reduce potential disruptions.

Lars Yngström – CEO of Tågab said:

“We are proud and grateful that a world leading company, Hitachi Rail, will help a small regional railway undertaking in Sweden, Tågab, to take this step to the future! We are impressed by the outstanding skill and understanding of our terms that have led to this contract. We have learnt much from the process. Now we hope to be able to contribute to the introduction of ERTMS in a wider scale in Scandinavia together with Hitachi Rail.”

The new system will be used to digitally control train operations and harmonise their control systems. Once equipped, Tågab’s fleet will be able to operate seamlessly on mixed traffic lines across Sweden and Norway.

The ERTMS technology will detect and manage faults to improve service reliability for Tågab passengers. Meanwhile, the technology will regulate the fleet’s speed, acceleration and breaking to provide a lower energy footprint and increased resource efficiency.

The new installation will also enable the automatic deployment of train safety functions such as breaking if a hazard is identified.

Eric Morand, manager of the Nordics region for Hitachi Rail said:

“We are excited to be working to digitise and harmonise key services between Norway and Sweden and to use our innovative signalling solutions to create a more reliable and efficient service for passengers. I am honoured and grateful to Tågab for their trust in Hitachi Rail as a key partner to innovate and support the development of smart and sustainable rail mobility for the benefit of societies across Scandinavia.”


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