France: SNCF Réseau Contracts ETF to Renovate Tracks

SNCF Réseau has awarded a contract to ETF, a VINCI Construction subsidiary, to carry out track renovation works on France’s rail network.

Under the new contract, ETF will undertake industrial track renovations for 675 kilometres of the French railway. This work is part of the performance plan agreed upon between the French State and SNCF Réseau on 6 April 2022.

SNCF ETFETF will carry out rapid rail renewal work to improve line performance and passenger comfort

The 5-year contract has an initial value of 118 million EUR and will be active from January 2024. Throughout its duration, ETF will replace an average of 135 kilometres of track per year using its 550 metre factory train to replace tracks and fasteners, and its new 432 metre rail transport train to carry new tracks to the worksite and remove old ones.

This contract builds upon the existing relationship between ETF and SNCF Réseau following a 2015 contract for track and ballast renovation in built-up areas.