Microsoft Introduces Mixed Reality Tech to Renfe’s Maintenance Processes

Renfe has signed an agreement with Microsoft to investigate AI and internet of things (IoT) technologies that support maintenance digitisation and optimisation.

Renfe train in Catalonia, SpainRenfe train in Catalonia, Spain

This includes a trial of Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses and mixed reality tools. Users will be able to access technical documentation and training resources as well as make use of collaborative platforms to share technical information.

The HoloLens can provide full access to schematics, white papers and any additional information or procedures necessary to diagnose or fix faults.

It also enables the user to see notes and complex instructions on the equipment in front of them, as well as share their view remotely.

In addition to speeding up complex maintenance operations, the aim is to predict possible breakdowns before they occur by collecting historical data from the rolling stock.

Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft Spain, said:

“Renfe is a perfect example of the vision of the future and digitisation in action.

“The development and application of technology to predictive maintenance and resolution of common problems in the railway sector has enormous potential, which will result in customer service and in aspects such as the efficiency, flexibility, scalability and sustainability of operations.”

One of Renfe’s main objectives is to unify its digital platforms to support knowledge sharing and collaboration.

With this in mind, the agreement will also see it test the capabilities of Microsoft platforms to digitise and store resources in a centralised repository and obtain standardisation and contextualisation of information.