EIB Finances Talgo’s Research and Development Strategy with 35m Euro Green Loan

Patentes Talgo has agreed a 35 million euro (39.93m USD) green loan with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to finance its research, development and innovation (RDI) into low-carbon rail solutions.

EIB and Talgo sign €35 million green loan to finance innovation strategyEIB and Talgo sign €35 million green loan to finance innovation strategy

This is the third such agreement between the two organisations and in line with the EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and the Climate Bank Roadmap.

The EIB-financed investment plan includes RDI projects aligned with the EU Horizon 2020 programme on smart, green and integrated transport.

As well as delivering safer products and manufacturing processes, the investments will support sustainability through the development of more energy-efficient rolling stock using recyclable composite materials.

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