Rail workers demonstrate over COP26 ‘betrayal’

Rail workers demonstrate over COP26 ‘betrayal’

RAIL staff are among the people in Edinburgh staging a protest at what the RMT union is describing as a ‘betrayal’ of the promises made at the COP26 conference in Glasgow three months ago.

The union said today’s protest at the office of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon by rail, ferry and energy workers will be the ‘start of a concerted campaign’.

The RMT has already criticised reductions affecting ScotRail timetables and ticket offices.

General secretary Mick Lynch said: ‘Already the lofty rhetoric about fighting climate change seems a distant memory as we witness a betrayal of ambitions by the SNP/Green government to move towards a greener Scotland.

‘Instead of cutting climate change the Government is cutting rail services and ticket offices, threatening the privatisation of our lifeline ferry services and doing far too little to protect the livelihoods of energy workers and the vital service they provide.

‘As the country approaches the local government elections in May this protest will be the start of a concerted campaign to persuade politicians to protect these services and jobs which are so vital to our local communities.’

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