UK: Penultimate Elizabeth Line Station Transferred to TfL

Like the nearby Canary Wharf London Underground station, the Elizabeth line station is constructed in a dock, in this case the North Dock of West India Quay.

It sits below a five-storey retail and leisure space – which includes a rooftop garden – known as Crossrail Place.

The station box is 256 metres long: greater than the height of the nearby One Canada Square, which is one of the UK’s tallest, and most iconic, buildings.

During construction nearly 100 million litres of water were pumped out of the station box and several hundred fish were safely relocated.

While 300,000 tonnes of material were being excavated from the station box, a piece of woolly mammoth jawbone was found, as well as a fragment of amber estimated to be 55 million years old.

Both have been passed on to the Natural History Museum.

Staff from MTR Elizabeth line will now continue familiarisation with the station, its procedures, facilities and systems, in addition to trial operations that will replicate potential scenarios the station may face once open to customers.

Trial operations – the final phase before passenger services begin – began across the Elizabeth line’s central section last November.

It will soon begin large-scale exercises that will see thousands of volunteers join with TfL, London Underground, MTR Elizabeth line, Network Rail and emergency services to simulate a wide range of potential scenarios on the network and in stations.