Network Rail Trial Aims to Improve Lineside Biodiversity

Network Rail is about to start a new trial project to improve lineside biodiversity on the West Highland Line.

Having completed the necessary surveys to ensure the safety of protected species and breeding birds, work will begin to remove trees and vegetation within four metres of a 1.5-mile section of line between Craigendoran and Helensburgh Upper on 24 January.

Vegetation clearance Craigendorran to Helensburgh site mapVegetation clearance Craigendorran to Helensburgh site map

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The area will then be replanted with native trees and shrubs such as holly, blackthorn, rowan, hazel and elder.

Habitat piles will also be created beside the line, along with the installation bat and bird boxes, all with the goal of supporting local wildlife.

If successful this project will take the organisation a step closer to achieving its biodiversity goals of no net-loss by 2024 and overall net-gain by 2035.