Stadler to Take Over Signalling Expert BBR Group

Stadler is taking over German company BBR Verkehrstechnik GmbH (BBR) and its group companies in order to expand its signalling expertise.

Stadler’s strategic goal is to become a stronger provider of modern signalling equipment and be driving force behind digitalising the rail industry. Last month, Stadler acquired Swiss company BÄR Bahnsicherung AG. On 1 January 2022 Stadler will concentrate its entire signalling portfolio in a new division.

Up until now, Stadler has focused its signalling activities on the on-board equipment of rail vehicles. Then it entered the Swiss interlocking market with BÄR Bahnsicherung. BBR, it says, is an ‘established international company that can contribute the necessary experience and knowledge to jointly drive forward the digitalisation of the global railway infrastructure’.

BBR Signalling Product Portfolio

BBR signalling equipment is in use in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, other western and northern European countries, Asia and the United States. It manufactures infrastructure signalling products such as electronic interlockings, train detection systems and points operating equipment. However, it also manufactures on-board equipment for rolling stock manufacturers and development work, especially in the areas of interlockings, train protection and component retrofits.

BBR employs 270 people and Stadler will keep on the current staff, doubling the number of employees Stadler has in the signalling field.