Germany: Siemens Awarded Contract for Frankfurt’s Digital Train Control System 

Frankfurt’s public transport provider VGF has awarded the contract for its metro and tram network digital train control system to Siemens Mobility.

This comes after funding of 95.5 million euros (107.88m USD) was granted by Hessian’s minister for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing.

Frankfurt MetroFrankfurt Metro

Completion of this project will make Frankfurt the first German city to implement a communication-based train control system (CBTC).

The technology will wirelessly and digitally link metros and trams with one another in real time, allowing trains to operate at shorter intervals and enable VGF to expand capacity without the need to convert of build new lines or stations.

Siemens and VGF plan to convert all nine lines of Frankfurt’s metro system to digital train control (DTC) by 2031.

Work will begin with the B route (lines U4 and U5), including the U5 extension to the Europaviertel, which is planned to launch in 2025.

Refurbishing Frankfurt's metro network with CBTCRefurbishing Frankfurt’s metro network with CBTC

Conversion of the tram network’s train control system will follow after.

Stefan Majer, the city’s Cabinet Member for Transport noted that this project could potentially link to that of Frankfurt MIND(+).

By connecting to the city’s central traffic computer, it could enable a fully integrated traffic control system – another first for a German urban hub.