Reverse Train Traffic Starts on Moscow Central Diameter 1

Trains are now alternately running in both directions on the Belorusskaya – Savyolovskaya track of the Moscow Central Diameter 1 (MCD-1).

This is in order to renovate two existing tracks on the reverse traffic section and build two additional tracks ready for the Moscow Central Diameter 4 (MCD-4).

Reverse train traffic was launched on the MCD-1Reverse train traffic was launched on the MCD-1

© Moscow Metro

In total, 15 kilometres of track will be laid, 3.8km of noise barriers will be built and comprehensive infrastructure development will be carried out.

While the reverse train traffic is running, two trains in a row will travel with the headway of five minutes in one direction. Thirty minutes later the next pair will travel in the opposite direction.

At this headway, MCD-1 trains, Lastochka trains from the suburbs and Aeroexpress trains running from the west of the capital to the Sheremetyevo International Airport will be able to use the track.

This reverse train traffic launch follows on from a similar launch in July on the Kurskaya-Kalanchevskaya section of the Moscow Central Diameter 2 (MCD-2).

This was also to undertake construction ahead of the MCD-4 launch, scheduled for summer 2023.