Next-Generation Battery Train to Launch at COP26 Climate Conference

Vivarail’s next-generation battery train will be launched at the international climate change conference COP26 this November, and will run daily services throughout the event.

Vivarail train at DroitwichVivarail train at Droitwich

© Network Rail / Vivarail

This will support the UK government and rail industry’s ambition to reach carbon reduction targets by showcasing the emission-free technology in action.

As part of the spirit of collaboration across the rail industry, Vivarail has been helped by SLC Operations, Alstom and VTG with drivers, electrical charging and transport.

The zero-emission train uses new batteries to combine maximum range with the ability to recharge quickly. The result is a train that can travel for up to 80 miles on battery power and recharge in only 10 minutes using Vivarail’s Fast Charge system.

The development of this system was supported by an Innovate UK grant and will shortly begin its final stage of Network Rail approvals.