Renfe Joins US High Speed Rail Association

Renfe has operated high-speed trains in Spain for almost 30 years, the second country in the world in terms of high-speed lines, with more than 1,800 miles in service.

Internationally, the company operates the new 281m high-speed rail line in Saudi Arabia linking the cities of Medina and Mecca via King Abdullah Economic City. Most recently it was selected as the early operator of Texas Central – a new high-speed line that will connect Dallas and Houston.

It has already spent several years providing advisory and consulting services in the contracting, final design, execution, construction, testing and commissioning of the future line.

Renfe gains many benefits from becoming a USHSR member, including better access to information on the new legislation regarding high speed in the US, and participation in various forums, seminars and negotiations USHSR maintains in legislative, financial and technical matters.