NordWestBahn Begins Modernisation of S-Bahn Fleet

The conversion of the trains includes a modern video surveillance system, energy-efficient LEDs, tinted anti-scratch films and numerous sockets. New paintwork in the Transdev design and new interiors including a colourful family table with a children’s puzzle, will complete the picture.

The hygienic standard is also being significantly increased. The trains will have disinfectant and fragrance dispensers in the toilets as well as particularly resistant powder coating systems on the handrails.

Passenger accessibility is also been optimised, with the installation of a floor guidance system for visually impaired passengers, door buttons with a finder tone and improved access to the spacious multi-purpose area for prams, wheelchairs and bicycles.

In the future, WiFi including 5G pre-equipment and a new passenger information system will also be available.