Freight Operator Lineas Acquires Independent Rail Partner

The freight operator Lineas has acquired Independent Rail Partner (IRP), a Rotterdam-based operator, in order to strengthen its presence in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam is a major freight hub, being a major European freight port. Consequently, Lineas, Europe’s largest private rail freight company, saw this acquisition as an important step. Lineas has been growing its Green Xpress Network, which now includes 23 destinations in Europe, most recently Vorarlberg and Poland. Lineas says it wants to build a “true European rail freight backbone that drives the modal shift”.

Lineas in the Netherlands
Lineas in the Netherlands

© Lineas

IRP and Lineas have been long-standing partners and IRP is an expert in first and last mile services in Rotterdam. It is also a top operator in the Netherlands.

Lineas says the Port of Rotterdam is of “significant strategic importance” to its Green Xpress Network. It further hopes the acquisition will shorten transit times and offer new operational capabilities as well as new Xpress connections from Rotterdam. Lineas is hoping to speed up its development plans through acquisitions and partnerships.

Its Green Xpress Network offers daily fast rail connections between European hubs that can reach their destinations faster than traditional single wagon load freight: transport times are reduced by up to 80 percent. Rail freight has furthermore proven particularly robust during the pandemic.