Rail Baltica Selects Electrification Partner for 870km High-Speed Line

The energy (ENE) engineer (the companies listed above) will first conduct a number of technical and economic studies to prepare for procuring the electrification design and build tender. During the implementation phase the ENE engineer will act as FIDIC engineer, supervising the design and construction, and performing testing and commissioning duties until the end of the defect notification period.

The scope of the energy subsystem contract for the full Rail Baltica project includes the high-voltage feeding lines that will connect the traction power substations to the national high-voltage electricity grid, the traction power substations, the overhead contact system, and the energy control command system.

RB Rail AS says the environmental impact of the line and the energy used for the train traction have always been a discussion point, even before the European Green Deal. Therefore, RB Rail AS says that it is aiming for 100 percent of the energy used to power the trains to come from renewable sources.
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