Siemens Mobility to Service Deutsche Bahn’s ICE 4 Trains

IS 600 Revisions

The IS 600 revisions require Siemens Mobility to examine the trains’ components and central systems, and perform maintenance activities. These will include the doors, windscreen washer systems, couplings, running and traction bogies, the current collectors, train control systems, brakes and more. The maintenance activities inside the train will include the fire alarm systems, passenger information systems, bistro equipment and the sanitary facilities. All of the trains will also be given new wheelsets.

Since 2011 Deutsche Bahn has ordered a total of 137 ICE 4 trains from Siemens Mobility. Bombardier Transportation has been a subcontractor for the manufacture of these trains, having produced the bodyshells. Faiverly has supplied the brakes, air-conditioning system and train doors, while Voith won the contract to manufacture the train noses, including the driver cabins and coupling systems.

As of December 2020, 65 of the ICE 4 trains have been delivered, with a new ICE 4 train joining DB’s fleet every three weeks.