Successful Test Runs for Locomotive Equipped with ERTMS in Norway

In 2021 trains equipped with the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Baseline 3 Release 2 will be ready to enter commercial service in Norway. The first locomotive equipped with the system has started undergoing digital test runs, monitored by Bane NOR’s Nyland facility near Oslo.

The NSB Di 8 test locomotive will do ten days of real runs on the test line between Roa and Hønefoss. Before the end of the year the same locomotive will be tested with the same ERTMS version in Sweden.

After Alstom’s Onboard ERTMS BL3R2 obtained its certificate from an independent safety assessor, a lab at Bane NOR’s Nyland facility started testing the system. The Di 8 locomotive will undergo digital tests and demonstrate its compatibility with earlier ERTMS versions – baseline 2 and baseline 3 release 1 – in Norway.

Alstom will provide an onboard solution that will integrate with the legacy automatic train control system ATC-2 to assist with an efficient migration to a new national digital train control system. This system will be embedded with the onboard unit meaning that no additional hardware is needed. The benefit of this is that this reduces the installation effort and therefore increases train availability.