DB Launches Europe’s Largest Rolling Wifi Network

Deutsche Bahn has launched its new wifi service: [email protected], a free connected wifi network that already includes the operator’s entire ICE fleet, more than 100 stations, all DB lounges, some regional trains and buses.

By the end of 2020 Deutsche Bahn will bring up the station total to 130. All IC trains, which are currently being equipped with wifi, will also become part of [email protected] right away. Several hundred regional trains and buses will follow in 2021.

Deutsche Bahn introduces WIFI@DB © Deutsche Bahn AG | Oliver Lang

How Does It Work?

Passengers only have to log in once. After that they can get online at stations and in trains all day for free. Passengers stay online even when switching trains. Once a passenger has logged in, their device will automatically connect to the closest [email protected]
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