Alstom Wins Rail Infrastructure Contract in Romania

Alstom, as part of the Asocierea RailWorks consortium, has won a contract to provide digital train control, traffic management and electrification infrastructure on a section of the European Rhine-Danube rail corridor in Romania.

The section in question, Lot 2, runs from Apata to Cata between Sighisoara and Brasov. In March 2020 Asocierea RailWorks had been awarded Lots 1 and 3 on this section. This current contract completes the works.

Alstom’s share of the contract is worth roughly 70 million euros. It will provide signalling and electrification works on the double railway line. Together with Lots 1 and 3, Alstom will have modernised the railway infrastructure over a distance of 128km. The works for Lot 2 are expected to take four years.