Zonegreen Extends Staff Safety at Manchester Depot

Working with main contractor, Stobart Rail, Zonegreen has implemented a replica safety system to the one in the depot’s original 10-road facility. Powered derailers have been fitted to each maintenance road, operated by control panels that workers log onto using personalised datakeys that record their whereabouts. Beacons and klaxons provide audible and visual warnings of vehicle movements and the firm’s Depot Manager software has been installed and linked to the main shed to provide an overview of all maintenance activity.

Zonegreen has also utilised its interlocking technology in the Newton Heath extension to control the operation of two cranes and an engine drop table, preventing vehicle movements if any of them are out of their safe position. Likewise, pit lighting can only be initiated if staff are logged onto the appropriate road correctly – a simple and effective way to make them follow procedure.