Germany to Get World’s First Hydrogen Filling Station for Passenger Trains

The world’s first hydrogen filling station for passenger trains will be built in Bremervoerde in the state of Lower Saxony, Germany.

Lower Saxony, which has seen the operation of Germany’s first hydrogen-powered train, will now also get a hydrogen filling station for these trains. Construction will begin in September. Representatives from Lower Saxony and the companies involved met at the site for a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony.

The first two trains completed their 18-month test phase in February, allowing the project to enter its next phase.

The Lower Saxony Regional Transport Company (LNVG) has commissioned Linde with the building and operation of the hydrogen filling station near Bremervoerde. Alstom, which manufactures the hydrogen trains, the federal state of Lower Saxony and the Elbe-Weser Railways and Transport Company will also be involved.