Additional 1m GBP for Breeze Hydrogen Train Programme

Alstom and rolling stock company Eversholt Rail will invest an additional 1 million GBP in the hydrogen train ‘Breeze’.

The two parties say they want to accelerate the hydrogen train industry in Great Britain by contributing an additional 1 million GBP in investment in hydrogen train technology in the country, which would result in a new class of train, the first-ever 600 series.

By investing this additional funding, Alstom and Eversholt Rail believe the Breeze train will be ready for deployment sooner and will help boost other projects in the hydrogen sector, supporting this industrial area as a whole.

Alstom will build its Breeze trains at its Widnes Transport Technology Centre. It will become a centre of excellence for hydrogen conversion once the trains are in series production.

Just as when electric trains use renewable energy sources, if the hydrogen fuel comes from green sources these trains won’t just be emission-free at the point of use.