Adif Awards Signalling Contracts to CAF

Adif has awarded two signalling contracts to CAF Group subsidiary CAF Signalling.

The two contracts, which are part of the company’s ongoing expansion into the Spanish signalling market, are worth 30 million euros.

León Signalling Contract

As part of the first contract, CAF Signalling is to remove the telephone block signalling system, a train collision prevention system, between Asunción University (León) and Guardo (Palencia) stations on the León-Guardo metre-gauge line operated by Renfe Feve. This contract has a runtime of 18 months.

As part of the contract, CAF will fit out the safety and communications facilities needed to replace the existing system with automatic block signalling. This system is controlled remotely from the centralised traffic control centre.

Utrera-Fuente de Piedra Line Signalling

CAF Signalling has also been awarded the contract to deliver the single-track section automatic block system with centralised traffic control for the Arahal (Seville) to Fuente de Piedra (Malaga) section of the Utrera-Fuente de Pietra Iberian gauge line. This contract is to be completed within 23 months.