Alstom Wins Prize for World-First: ATO Testing for Regional Trains

Innovation Prize

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy issues innovation prizes for outstanding real-world laboratories to reward innovative ideas. The competition was launched for the first time on 2 December 2019. On 26 May 2020 the nine winners were announced.

All of the recipients are performing real-world testing of innovations that are not yet taken into account in the existing legal framework. These innovations include autonomous vehicles, drones, new solutions in the field of tele-medicine and more. These test processes then help develop the legal framework.

Alstom Wins in ‘Outlook’ Category

In its statement explaining why it had chosen Alstom as one of the winners, the BMWi said that more and more highly automated vehicles were being tested on Germany’s roads, yet there were not yet the legal possibilities in rail to test driverless trains in passenger operations. Alstom, the Regionalverband Großraum Braunschweig, the DLR and the TU Berlin will investigate what the technical and legal requirements for this are.

All the important stakeholders will be included in the planning and implementation of this ATO project. These include the relevant bodies in government and administration, DB Netze, employees, unions and the Eisenbahnbundesamt (Federal Railway Authority), which will conduct the evaluation as part of the homologation.

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