CAF Wins Contracts with VY and HKL in Norway and Finland

CAF has won contracts worth more than 100 million euros in Norway (with VY) and Finland (with Helsingin kaupungin liikennelaitos).

CAF Contract with VY

In Norway, the Swedish subsidiary of CAF Group, Euromaint, has signed a 9-year contract with VY for the maintenance of the fleet that will run on the Bergen Line. Euromaint provides railway maintenance services and components. A new maintenance workshop is currently under construction in Bergen to accommodate the contract.

The contract with VY is Euromaint’s first in Norway. It will work closely with VY. The Bergen Line connects Norway’s capital Oslo to Bergen. It is the highest railway line in northern Europe and is also one of the most spectacular in Europe.

VY won the contract to manage operations on the Bergen Line. The aim is to increase long-distance, regional and local train traffic and improve regional transport connections. At the same time, VY also wishes to improve on-board services. VY is state-owned and operates most of the passenger train services in the country.

CAF Group acquired Euromaint in 2019. The move has strengthened CAF Group’s position in the services sector.