Zonegreen is on the Up Down Under

Depots are inherently dangerous places to work, with hazards including moving trains and high-voltage equipment part and parcel of everyday life. However, advances in technology mean the risks to staff can be almost eradicated by removing the human element in safety procedures.

Leading this revolution are the specialist engineers at Sheffield-based Zonegreen. The firm is recognised as the creator of modern depot protection and its flagship system has now widely replaced traditional methods of safeguarding maintenance staff in the UK.

Working with Australian partner Andrew Engineering, Zonegreen’s Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) has been installed at Pakenham East to ensure that depot worker safety in Australia continues to grow in line with the sector’s ambition and the delivery of ground-breaking projects.

Melbourne Moves Forward

Packenham is being constructed to serve the Victoria State Government’s High Capacity Metro Trains project, which is introducing 65 bigger, better trains into Melbourne to meet its growing needs.

This is the second Australian depot to be equipped with Zonegreen’s technology. DPPS was installed at Wulkuraka in Ipswich, Queensland, three years ago and the Bombardier facility retains an unblemished safety record. Unsurprisingly, Pakenham’s operators were keen to introduce the same levels of staff safety.

The specification of Zonegreen’s innovative system represented a great opportunity for the firm to demonstrate the power and flexibility of its technology to the Australian market, further extending its reputation across the country.

Ground-Breaking Depot Protection

DPPS is a standard product that provides the safest and easiest method of controlling train movements in rail depots. It combines powered derailers, road end control panels, train detection equipment, warning signals and personal datakeys to protect staff and infrastructure and is the most advanced, reliable and tested product of its type.

Zonegreen has spent many years on research and development, whilst listening to customer feedback, to ensure it moves with the times, makes the most of advances in technology and remains relevant in this ever-evolving industry. The result is a dynamic, intuitive, user-friendly system that allows depots to provide the highest standards of safety for staff.

By utilising modern electronics, DPPS provides excellent reliability and functionality and incorporates remote diagnostic features that make maintenance easier, expanding the lifetime of the product. Standardised software means that whilst the system can be configured to the unique layout of each facility, it is proven, tried and tested, so any updates or improvements can be rolled out with ease and minimal expense.

This innovative software reduces the cabling and electrical components required of DPPS, making it more resilient and able to withstand the rigours of a rail depot. It is based on an intuitive four-button graphical user interface that can be programmed in any language and has been designed to ensure future modifications or expansions are simple to undertake. Providing an overview of DPPS at Packenham is Zonegreen’s monitoring, planning and analytical tool, Depot Manager. The software identifies where staff are logged on to the safety system and offers advanced traceability, by recording all actions, displaying the status of plant and equipment and delivering easy-to-interpret data that is accurate and readily accessible should an incident occur.