Rail Baltica Tender for Riga International Airport Announced

Construction Phases

The construction works will take place in six stages. The first stage will see the construction of the station building, which has three levels. This stage also includes constructing the overpass building structures and access roads with all the associated infrastructure.

Next, the contractor will create the building façade with wood as the dominant element. This is a nod to the Latvian architectural tradition, which makes great use of wood.

Works will then progress to creating the mechanical systems and interior decorations and improvements. After that, the contractor will build an overpass between Rīga and Jaunmārupe.

As a space-efficient solution the design places the Rail Baltica station on a railway overpass. There will also be an embankment and a 113m railway overpass over K. Ulmaņa gatve. The final stage will see the construction of two railway tracks, which will allow the Rail Baltica express trains to run four times a day, and the shuttle train to run at roughly half-hour intervals to connect the airport with Riga Central Station. Once operational, rail travel times between the two will be eight minutes.
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