First Stadler Train for Merseyrail Begins Dynamic Testing

The new trains for the Merseyrail network in the UK have reached a manufacturing milestone. The first train has travelled to Germany for dynamic testing. This follows the successful static testing and signing off at Stadler’s factory in Switzerland at the beginning of October.

Stadler signed the contract to build and maintain 52 metro trains for the Liverpool City Region in February 2017. The new trains – Class 777s – will replace one of the oldest fleets in the country and will be fully accessible. These trains will start running on the Merseyrail network as of 2020, with all of them in passenger service by 2021.

Dynamic Testing

During the dynamic testing in Germany, Stadler’s trains will run at up to 120km/h (75mph). All aspects of dynamic testing such as braking point and electromagnetic radiation will see in-depth testing. The vast majority of the testing will take place at the railway testing centre in Wildenrath, Germany. This is beneficial as it avoids disruption on the Merseyrail network itself.