Rolling Stock Highlights at TRAKO 2019


Stadler will stage an official unveiling event for this EMU on Thursday, 24 September, at 3pm, outdoor area TZ 06.

Did You Know?

This order is the largest single order for rolling stock in the history of the railways in Poland.

Manufacturing Site

Stadler has three sites in Poland. Its headquarters in Warsaw, a site in Lodz, and its production site in Siedlce, which is where these EMUs will be manufactured. The site has been open since 2007. The Siedlce site manufactures rolling stock not just for Poland but for operators internationally, such as Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Belarus.

The low-floor EMUs will come equipped with ETCS Level 2 technology – Stadler’s GUARDIA system. The car bodies will be made from light-weight aluminium. Operating using 3kV DC, the top speed for these multiple units is 160km/h. Each vehicle is 98.2m long and can seat 269 passengers.

The vehicles can run in a multiple traction configuration of up to three units coupled together.

Stadler Tango NF2 ‘nOVA’ Tram

In December 2016 Stadler won the bid for 30+10 trams with Czech customer Dopravní podnik Ostrava a.s.

Based on Stadler’s Tango model, these trams will be adapted with low-floor technology.