DB Regio awarded E-Netz Main­fran­ken operating contract

GERMANY: Incumbent DB Regio has been awarded the E-Netz Mainfranken passenger train operating contract following a European tender conducted by Bayern railway agency BEG,  Rhein-Main transport authority RMV and Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of Transport.

The contract running for six years from December 2021 covers the operation of around 4·35 million train-km/year using Alstom Coradia Lirex Class 440 electric multiple-units on routes from Würzburg to Nürnberg, Bamberg, Lauda, Gemünden, Marktbreit, Schlüchtern and Aschaffenburg, as well as from Gemünden to Schlüchtern and Aschaffenburg.

There will be an increase in service frequencies, conductors on every train and an increase in capacity at the busiest times. The contract includes performance-based incentives under BEG’s quality management system which encompasses factors including cleanliness, passenger information and customer service, while a new approach to punctuality will penalise delays depending on their duration.

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