Linköping high speed line planning contract awarded

SWEDEN: National transport agency Trafikverket has awarded Atkins and Ramboll a five-year contract to plan the Linköping city section of the proposed Ostlänken high speed line between Stockholm and the city.

This is the first of three proposed high speed routes, which would form a 440 km Y-shaped network linking the major cities of Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.

The contract scope includes planning, environmental impact assessment and outline design work. ‘We will find a good solution for how the railway will run through Linköping and ensure a good interaction with the city of Linköping’s development plans’, said Anna Forslund, client director at Ramboll, on April 10. ‘Integration with the surrounding environment is an important piece of the puzzle’.

The SKr54bn Ostlänken line running 160 km from Järna to Linköping is now planned for completion in 2035. It is intended to reduce journey times, increase capacity across the network and support regional economic growth.