Spain to ramp up rail spending in 2019

Cercanías (suburban) and conventional lines will be a key focus for investment in 2019 and the ministry’s investment budget for these routes has been tripled. The ministry says this is in line with the government’s policy of “reversing the abandonment to which both have been subjected in recent years and

First Hohhot metro train revealed

CRRC says the 80km/h six-car train for Hohhot Line 1 features the lightest aluminium alloy bodyshell of any metro train in China, with a weight saving of 10 tonnes across each six-car set. In another Chinese first, each car is equipped with a single air-conditioning unit, which has been configured specifically

Testing of SNCB M7 coaches begins at Velim

SNCB signed a framework contract with Alstom and Bombardier in December 2015 for up to 1362 M7s, with an initial order for 445 vehicles including 65 unpowered driving cars, 290 intermediate trailers and 90 powered driving cars. A single Bombardier-built intermediate coach is currently at Velim, where traction is being provided

Three bidders vie for Buenos Aires EMU contract

Alstom, Transmashholding, and Vermerkiper Engineering, Argentina, which is likely to act as an intermediary for another manufacturer, were confirmed as bidders on December 26. A Bombardier-Siemens consortium, which was reportedly preparing an offer, decided not to submit a bid following a reduction in the contract size. The initial order for 169

Non-compliant bids delay Gautrain EMU procurement

In October 2016, Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) and the Bombela Concession Company shortlisted Bombardier Transportation South Africa, CRRC E-Loco Supply (CRRC Zhuzhou South Africa and Matsete Basadi), and Egoli Rail Consortium (Alstom South Africa, EOH Intelligent Infrastructure and Ubumbano) for a contract to supply 12 four-car EMUs to supplement the