TCDD’nin Paylaşımına Acılı Anneden Tepki

tcddnin paylasimina acili anneden tepki

TCDD’nin paylaşımına Çorlu’daki tren faciasında oğlunu ve eşini kaybeden acılı anne tepki gösterdi. 8 Temmuz 2018 tarihinde Tekirdağ’ın Çorlu ilçesine bağlı Sarılar köyünde meydana gelen tren faciasında 7’si çocuk olmak üzere 25 kişi hayatını kaybetmiş, [devamı…]

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New Merseyrail strikes called by RMT

THE RMT has called a new series of 24-hour strikes on Merseyrail during nine Saturdays in November and December, after a series of  workshops failed to yield agreement over future train staffing. The union’s general secretary Mick Cash told his members that the new action was intended to ’focus the minds

Rail Baltica Announces Notified Body Tender

“Involvement of NoBo at an early stage of the project is an important step to ensure that Rail Baltica infrastructure, energy, control-command and signalling subsystems will be interoperable, function safely and uninterrupted. As an independent and accredited organisation, NoBo will provide a conformity assessment against the relevant requirements of the

Classic stations: Newcastle Central

Newcastle Central is a listed building, the city’s major transport hub, and acts as both a terminus and a through station. Graeme Pickering recalls the station’s impressive past and assesses plans recently outlined for the future. NEWCASTLE Central station is widely regarded as one of the finest in the country. Its

Frequentis Rail Emergency Management Solution Prepares Sydney Trains for Future Passenger Demand

When streamlining multiple operation centres, an initial concern is often the loss of local knowledge. However, the Frequentis ICM solution ensures that this is not the case by centrally capturing such information, including emergency contact numbers for local contractors and emergency services. Based on the underlying responsibility model, staff have

Uygun: ‘Yeni Demiryolu Hatları İçin Proje Hazırlıklarımız Sürüyor’

uygun yeni demiryolu hatlari icin proje hazirliklarimiz suruyor

4. Uluslararası Karayolları Köprüler ve Tüneller İhtisas Fuarı ile eş zamanlı olarak düzenlenen III. Uluslararası Metrorail Forumu açılış törenleri 9 Ekim 2019 tarihinde Ulaştırma ve Altyapı Bakanı Mehmet Cahit Turhan’ın da katılımıyla Ato Congresium’da gerçekleştirildi. [devamı…]

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Leo Express Receives First Sirius EMU from CRRC

CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd signed a contract with private rail operator Leo Express for three EMUs in December 2016. The contract includes an option for an additional 30 units. The total contract value lies at 5 billion CZK (190 million euros | 210 million USD). Sirius EMU Features Sirius is able

Bursa’nın Demiryolu Hattı Artık Hızlı Değil ’Yüksek Standartlı’

bursanin demiryolu hatti artik hizli degil yuksek standartli

Gece… TCDD’nin internet sitesinde dolaşırken, kendimizi 2019 Yatırım Programı sayfasında bulunduk. Üstelik, sayfadaki bilgileri incelerken karşımıza büyük bir sürpriz çıktı. Gördüğümüz şu: TCDD Genel Müdürlüğü 1 Ağustos 2019 tarihinde yatırım programı üzerinde beşinci revizeyi yapmış. [devamı…]

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Eurasia Rail, 2021’de İlk Kez Konya’da

eurasia rail de ilk kez konyada

Hyve Grup’un Türkiye’de düzenlediği “Uluslararası Demiryolu, Hafif Raylı Sistemler ve Lojistik Fuarı “- EURASIA RAIL’in 9’uncusu 3-5 Mart 2021 tarihleri arasında TÜYAP Konya Fuar Merkezi’nde gerçekleştirilecek. Bugüne dek İzmir’de gerçekleşen Fuar’ın Konya’da düzenleneceği bir basın [devamı…]

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Railway Accidents: Lamentable Failures

Thirty-one people lost their lives on Tuesday, October 5, 1999, when a Thames Trains Class 165 ‘Turbo’ collided with a First Great Western InterCity125 at a combined speed of 130mph at Ladbroke Grove, two miles from London Paddington. Fraser Pithie looks back 20 years to one of Britain’s worst post-Privatisation

Henrik Hololei Talks Shift2Rail at Digital Transport Days

The Director General for Mobility and Transport at the European Commission, Henrik Hololei, spoke at Digital Transport Days in Helsinki, Finland, about the aims and successes of Shift2Rail (S2R) and its role in combating climate change and managing increasing congestion. Climate Change Goals In his speech he began by outlining the Commission’s

Alstom to Supply 42 Metropolis Trains for Barcelona

Focus on Sustainability To be as environmentally friendly as possible, the trains will feature light car bodies, low energy consumption and high levels of recoverability and recyclability. Furthermore, they will be reliable and easy to maintain. To optimise maintenance further, Alstom is equipping the Metropolis trains with remote sensors. source=

UK: CAF to Supply Catenary-Free Trams to Birmingham

In addition to avoiding the need for on-site infrastructure installations, which could be disruptive and which would impact the architectural aesthetic negatively, the rechargeable batteries also make the trams substantially more energy efficient. West Midlands Metro Network The metro network currently features one line, which runs from Grand Central (Birmingham New Street)

The Infrastructure Progress Report

Spanish rail infrastructure manager Adif is investing more than 45 million euros in refurbishing the Recoletos Tunnel in Madrid. The original tunnel construction works began in 1933 but it wasn’t until 1967 that it entered service. These renovation works, which began in June this year, will affect the route, electrification and

The Policy Update Europe

Greece & Ireland The European Commission has written to Greece and Ireland to encourage them to enact EU law that requires them to open up the market for domestic passenger rail services. EU Member States agreed to transpose the EU rules in the 4th Railway Package by 31 December 2018. Following

ARUS, Ferroviara Raylı Sistemler Fuarı’nda Ülkemizi Temsil Etti

arus ferroviara rayli sistemler fuarinda ulkemizi temsil etti

Avrupa Raylı Sistemler Birliği(ERCI) yönetim kurulu üyesi Anadolu Raylı Sistemler Kümelenmesi (ARUS) İtalya’nın Milano şehrinde yapılan Ferroviara Raylı sistemler fuarında ülkemizi temsil etti. Anadolu Raylı Sistemler Kümelenmesi Kordinatörü Dr. İlhami Pektaş yaptığı açıklamada; “İtalya’nın Milano [devamı…]

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The Next Generation of Locomotive Driving

The Challenge: In a competitive and complex world where the focus is shifting towards efficiency and economical gain, dreams are often not enough. With an increasing number of side constraints, the transport network becoming more and more complex, and limited rail infrastructure it is getting harder to dispatch and steer drivers

LTA: We Want More Local Train Maintenance Expertise

When electronic cards go wrong, however, it can be both time-consuming and expensive to repair them. And this task often takes place at the OEM’s facilities. In Singapore’s case, most of these are overseas. The result is long downtimes. Encouraging Local Railway Maintenance Capabilities The LTA has been making substantial investments to

GTR Completes 5-Year Transformation Programme

“Today is a landmark moment for both GTR and its passengers as we continue to deliver on the industry’s hugely ambitious modernisation programme for our network. “This £2bn programme of modernisation, much of which formed part of the Thameslink Programme, has transformed services for our passengers. With over 1500 new carriages

Five things you may not know about the Big Boy

This year, a ground-breaking five-year landmark project to restore a Union Pacific Railroad Big Boy 4-8-8-4 to working order was accomplished, with No. 4014 making a star-studded appearance at the 150th anniversary of the linking the USA’s two coasts by rail. The world has waited six decades to see a Union

Stadler and FNM Present FLIRT Mock-Up in Milan

The mock-up is true to size. Stadler will deliver the actual vehicles for regional operations in Lombardy at the end of 2021. The contract, worth 1.6 billion euros, is footed by the Regione Lombardia. Stage V European Union Emissions Standards Despite using diesel, Stadler says it designed the trains with sustainability in

Manchester Mayor Publishes Vision to Transform Rail

“We need a fully integrated transport network that allows people to travel seamlessly between modes with simple, affordable ticketing – and Our Prospectus for Rail underpins the transformational change we need on the local rail network to support growth. This is one of two major milestones in the Our Network

TPE accepts first ‘Nova 2’ CAF set

By Tony Miles TRANSPENNINE Express accepted the first ‘Nova 2’ Class 397 EMU into its fleet on July 25, meaning units from all three new ‘Nova’ train types have now joined its fleet.  The first sets to be delivered are still being used for type testing, and require some

Chicago’s Metra adds diesel locos

CHICAGO commuter rail operator Metra is buying 24 former Amtrak California diesel locos, and has ordered 15 rebuilt freight locos to replace older diesels.  Metra bought 24 F59PHI locos from Amtrak in 2018 and is currently overhauling and repainting them into its livery. They have entered service in 2019, mainly operating

Battery-fitted trams for Oklahoma

THE new light rail system in Oklahoma City opened on December 14, 2018, and is operated as two loops: a 7.8km north-south Downtown Loop, which also shares tracks with almost all of the route used by the 3.2km Bricktown Loop in the Bricktown entertainment district.  Oklahoma Streetcar 201804 leaving the Memorial Museum

Stadler ‘FLIRTs’ in service in Texas

TEXAS gained a new commuter railway in January, which is operated using eight Stadler-built ‘FLIRT’ DEMUs, incorporating central diesel power pack units. Stadler assembled the trains at its new factory in Salt Lake City, Utah.  TEXRail Stadler DEMU No. 105 arriving at Grapevine, Texas on June 27 with a Fort Worth to

Rail Baltica Addresses Impact of Climate Change

Climate Change Mitigation Measures Severe weather events such as heavy rain and winds, storms and snow, freezing rain and glazed frost can all suspend or disrupt rail traffic. They can also damage railway infrastructure. Operational safety and additional asset damage are further concerns. There are also financial considerations. For example, insurance


Britain’s best-selling rail title is back for another month of award-winning photos, news, features and exclusives from the rail industry, past and present. This month’s The Railway Magazine features a look back at Longmoor Military Railway with October 31 marking the 50th anniversary of its closure. Gary Boyd-Hope accompanies the feature with

İBB, Sirkeci ve Haydarpaşa Garlarını İhalesiz Olarak Kendilerine Verilmesini İstedi

ibb sirkeci ve haydarpasa garlarini ihalesiz olarak kendilerine verilmesini istedi

İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediye (İBB) Başkanı İmamoğlu, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryolları’nca (TCDD) ihaleye çıkarılan tarihi Sirkeci ve Haydarpaşa garlarının, ihale yapılmaksızın kendilerine devrini istedi. Diken‘de yer alan habere göre; “Resmi Gazete’de 22 Eylül Pazar günü yayımlanan [devamı…]

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Ulaştırmsa Bakanlığı İBB’yi Haydarpaşa Garı İhalesinde İstemedi!

ulastirma bakanligi ibbyi haydarpasa gari ihalesinde istemedi

TCDD’nin Sirkeci ve Haydarpaşa garlarının bazı bölümlerini kültür ve sanat etkinliklerinde kullanılmak üzere kiraya vermek için 4 Ekim’de düzenleyeceği ihaleye katılacaklarını açıklayan İBB Başkanı Ekrem İmamoğlu’na Ulaştırma Bakanlığı’ndan dikkat çeken bir itiraz geldi. Bakanlık su, [devamı…]

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Raylı sistemler Sakarya ulaşımında milat olacak

rayli sistemler sakarya ulasiminda milat olacak

Raylı sistemlere ilişkin incelemelerde bulunmak üzere Güney Kore’nin başkenti Seul’e giden Başkan Ekrem Yüce, “Raylı sistemler hakkında geniş bilgi almak, modern teknolojiyi yakından görmek ve iş birliğimizi kuvvetlendirmek adına Güney Kore’nin başkenti Seul’deyiz. Raylı sistemler [devamı…]

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Copenhagen Cityringen Metro Line Opens Sunday

Each station has two elevators. The goal is to make the stations easier to use for passengers in wheelchairs or with strollers. Overall, access is important. With the opening of Cityringen 85 percent of Copenhagen residents will live within 600m of a metro or train station. To bring the existing system

Ringing the loco changes at Richmond as Pixie arrives

OPERATIONAL O&K 0-4-0WT – identified as 3136/1908 and named Susan –has left Jeremy Martin’s Richmond Light Railway.  It is now at Hollycombe Steam in the Country (formally Hollycombe Working Steam Museum), following its acquisition by a Hollycombe trustee.  O&K 0-4-0WT (identified as 3136/1908) pilots ex-Dinorwic Hunslet 0-4-0ST Jerry M


RN: In 2017 then chief executive of Network Rail (UK) Mark Carne said to The Guardian newspaper that he had secured a pledge from the government that toilets on trains allowing raw sewage to be dumped on to the tracks were to be phased out by 2019 in favour of

NEWAG to Deliver 5 Dragon 2 Locomotives to RCP

Polish rolling stock manufacturer NEWAGO S.A. has signed a framework agreement as well as five individual delivery contracts and service contracts with Rail Capital Partners. NEWAG will now deliver five Dragon 2 electric locomotives to RCP. Once NEWAG delivers on this order Rail Capital Partners will have a total of 50 locomotives

Ulaştırma Memur-Sen, TCDD Bölgesel Teşkilat Toplantılarının 5.’sini Gerçekleştirdi

ulastirma memur sen tcdd bolgesel teskilat toplantilarinin sini gerceklestirdi

Ulaştırma Memur-Sen’in Toplu Sözleşme sürecini teşkilatlarla istişare ettiği Bölgesel Teşkilat toplantılarının 5.’si, Eskişehir ve Afyonkarahisar Şubelerinin katılımıyla Afyonkarahisar’da yapıldı. Ulaştırma Memur-Sen Genel Başkanı Kenan Çalışkan ve Genel Başkan Yardımcıları İbrahim Uslu ve Mehmet Yıldırım’ın sunum [devamı…]

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RMT to stage industrial action over tube track noise

A TRACK fastening system which is alleged to be the source of excessive noise on parts of London Underground has sparked industrial action by the RMT on four deep tube lines. Pandrol Vanguard is described by its manufacturer as ‘a unique rail fastening system with very low vertical dynamic stiffness that

Bilecik Valisine Tepki: ’YHT Güzergâhdaki Eksiklikleri Neden Söylemiyorlar?’

bilecik valisine tepki yht guzergahdaki eksiklikleri neden soylemiyorlar

Bilecik’in Bozüyük ilçesinde Yüksek Hızlı Tren hattı’nı kontrol eden kılavuz trenin raydan çıkması sonucu iki makinistin ölümüyle ilgili Bilecik Valisi Bilal Şentürk’ün “Teknik olarak belli olmamakla beraber biz biraz hızlı gittiği kanaatindeyiz” açıklamasına Birleşik Taşımacılık [devamı…]

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Paris-Lyon High-Speed Line to Get Atlas ERTMS Level 2

Demand for capacity increases are only set to rise, however. The rail passenger transport market will open up for competition in 2019, meaning that new operators can make additional train path requests. With the technology as it currently stands, the line is already running at capacity. This is why upgrading

Third open train doors error in just over a year

THE Rail Accident Investigation Branch has been notified of another incident of doors being opened wrongly – the third in just over a year. In this case several passengers jumped down on to the line, because the doors involved were not next to a platform. This incident was reported at Hockley

Fransız Demiryolu Çalışanları Emeklilik Reformuna Karşı İş Bıraktı

fransiz demiryolu calisanlari emeklilik reformuna karsi is birakti

Hükümetin emeklilik yasasında uygulamak istediği reforma karşı çıkan Fransız demiryolu çalışanları iş bıraktı. Çalışanların eylemi sonucu tren seferlerinde aksamalar meydana geldi. Fransa’da demiryolu çalışanları, hükümetin uygulamayı düşündüğü emeklilikte yıpranma payı gibi ayrıcalıkları azaltmayı ve emeklilik [devamı…]

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BLS Halts Roll-Out of New Planning Software

The private Swiss rail operator BLS is halting the introduction of a new resource planning system. BLS has aborted the roll-out of the new software, which would allow BLS to plan the deployment of trains and personnel, because important requirements cannot be met. Consequently the risk would be too high

Changzhou Metro Line 1 Commences Passenger Service

Changzhou Metro Co. Ltd awarded the contract for the CITYFLO system to BNS in 2016. BNP acted as sub=contractor to NUG to provide the propulsion and control equipment. This aspect of the contract has also included the engineering, manufacturing, testing, commissioning and initial delivery of spare parts for traction converters. Future

The Future of Rail Freight

Speaking about his own role at the AAR, Ian Jefferies had a positive view: “I am privileged to help lead this industry as the President and CEO of the Association of American Railroads (AAR). What’s particularly exciting to me is not just what freight rail has achieved throughout our nation’s history, but

The Policy Update North America

Canada, Vancouver In January 2019 the Canadian Transportation Agency opened an investigation into whether BNSF, CN and CP breached their level of obligations in the Vancouver, BC, area between October 2018 and January 2019. It has found that neither BNSF nor Canadian Pacific breached their level of obligations, but that Canadian

MBTA Orders 80 Commuter Rail Double-Decker Coaches

Phase 1: Double-Decker Coaches from Hyundai-Rotem The 80 new double-decker coaches are to replace single-decker coaches. This approach is an effective way of adding capacity (without, for example, having to lengthen platforms or reduce train headways). Hyundai-Rotem will fit these coaches with additional features such as LED lighting and positive train

TCDD’nin 163. Yıl Dönümü Afyonkarahisar’da Coşkuyla Kutlandı

tcddnin yil donumu afyonkarahisarda coskuyla kutlandi

TCDD’nin 163.Yıl Dönümü dolayısıyla ilk olarak TCDD 7.Bölge Müdürü Adem Sivri tarafından Afyonkarahisar Valisi Mustafa Tutulmaz’a nezaket ziyaretinde bulunuldu. Bölge Müdürü Sivri ziyarette TCDD’nin 163 yıllık tarihi ve Bölge Müdürlüğü olarak Afyonkarahisar’da gerçekleştirilen faaliyet ve [devamı…]

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Parker Hannifin: Transforming Ancillary Systems

Everything discussed so far has cost implications both in terms of system procurement cost and indirect costs for engineering. However, there are other less visible impacts such as the training requirements for different bespoke systems, the different maintenance requirements and activities and even installation methods and time. The transformational new approach

Deutsche Bahn Establishes Digital Railway Company

Starting in January 2020, DSD GmbH will organise the establishment of digital rail operations and prepare the industrial roll-out of this future technology. A launch packet that includes three projects will begin in 2020: The entire north-south TEN-T corridor is to have ETCS Cologne-Frankfurt will be a high-speed connection The S-Bahn project in Stuttgart According

SAMULAŞ’tan Raylı Sistem Parçalarında ‘Yerli Üretim’ Çağrısı

samulastan rayli sistem parcalarinda yerli uretim cagrisi

İstanbul’da düzenlenen Uluslararası Yeni Nesil Demiryolu Teknolojileri Konferası’nda SAMULAŞ’ın ‘Yerlileştirme’ sunumu dikkati çekerken Tekerlek Bandajı Projesi ise büyük ilgi gördü Samsun Büyükşehir Belediyesi Proje Ulaşım İmar İnşaat Yat. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.(SAMULAŞ), İstanbul’da düzenlenen Yeni [devamı…]

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One in three rail services run late in the UK

One in three rail services run late in the UK. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire Tougher rail performance measurements show fewer than two-thirds of scheduled stops at stations were made “on time” during the 12 months to the end of June. A passenger watchdog described the figure of 64.7% as “not acceptable”. New standards

Grant Shapps wants rail fares paid to independent body

Analysis Sim Harris TRANSPORT secretary Grant Shapps has come under fire from opposition politicians and unions for saying that franchised operators should be ‘paid when they run trains on time’. He was being interviewed in the wake of an ORR announcement yesterday that a new punctuality measurement will no longer allow

ORR Implements New ‘On Time’ Punctuality Measure

Punctuality Findings Using the ‘On Time’ punctuality measure, the ORR found that “64.7% of stations were arrived at on time” in the year to June 2019. The previous public performance measure registered 87% of trains as being punctual. The ORR said that with the new method of calculating punctuality performance was up

Bilecik YHT Kılavuz Tren Kazasının Nedeni

bilecik yht tren kazasi nedeni Bilecik YHT Kılavuz Tren Kazasının Nedeni; Ankara’dan yola çıkıp Eskişehir Alifuatpaşa – Eskişehir Yüksel Hızlı Tren (YHT) hattını kontrol amacıyla ilerleyen 68059 nolu elektrikli kılavuz lokomotif, dönüş yolunda (Alifuatpaşa Eskişehir) Km 216+145’de, saat 06.08’de Bilecik merkeze bağlı Ahmetpınar köyü sınırları içindeki tünelde raydan çıkarak duvara

GSM-R and the Road Towards FRMCS

Frequentis is at the centre of this development with the evolution of its fixed terminal system for voice and data communication, FTS 3020. It is used by many of the world’s major railways as a component of the operational communication system. Over the past few years Frequentis has evolved FTS

SNCF Chooses CAF for New Intercity Trains

CAF says it was chosen based on the technical performance, innovation and cost it offered in its bid. CAF Intercity Trains for SNCF The Spanish rolling stock manufacturer will deliver electric multiple units that will have top speeds of 200km/h. The trains will feature ergonomic seat designs, wifi, power sockets and USB

Türkiye ile İran Arasında Demiryolu Yük Taşımacılığında Hedef Yıllık Bir Milyon Ton

turkiye ile iran arasinda demiryolu yuk tasimaciliginda hedef yillik bir milyon ton

İran İslam Cumhuriyeti Demiryolları (RAI) Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi ve Operasyon ve Pazarlamadan Sorumlu Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Babak Ahmadi başkanlığındaki RAI heyeti ile TCDD Taşımacılık Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Çetin Altun’un başkanlığında TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ heyeti Ankara’da [devamı…]

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TCDD Basın Yayın ve Halkla İlişkiler Müşaviri Kekeç, Emekliye Ayrıldı

tcdd basin yayin ve halkla iliskiler musaviri kekec emekliye ayrildi

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demir Yolları (TCDD) Basın Yayın ve Halkla İlişkiler Müşavirliği görevini yürüten İbrahim Kekeç, emekliye ayrıldı. Kekeç, sosyal paylaşım adresinden şu paylaşımı yaptı: “Başarıyla yürütmekte olduğum TCDD Basın Yayın ve Halkla İlişkiler Müşavirliği [devamı…]

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One Billion HS2 Old Oak Common Contract Awarded

Balfour Beatty | VINCI | SYSTRA Balfour Beatty is an expert in the construction of large transport terminals. VINCI, meanwhile, has expertise in constructing high-speed lines and in rail infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom generally. The final JV partner, SYSTRA, specialises in designing, integrating and project managing transport systems. Overall, Balfour

DB Invests 250 Million Euros in Hybrid Technology

Deutsche Bahn has already signed a contract with Harsco Rail for 16 vehicles. Harsco Rail will deliver these by 2022. Deutsche Bahn says it will likely order seven further vehicles for delivery in 2024. Harsco Rail Maintenance Vehicles The catenary intervention and maintenance vehicles can operate purely electrically and at speeds of

Harsco Rail Secures Major Rail Equipment Order in Germany

About Harsco Rail Harsco Rail, a worldwide operating segment of Harsco Corporation, is a technological and innovative global supplier of railway track maintenance products and services. Harsco Rail provides expert engineering, vehicles and equipment, innovative technology, safety technology, dedicated parts and services, contracting services and quality maintenance from nine main locations

Keolis Opens Shanghai Pudong Airport Metro

The Passenger Rapid Transit System, which connects Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to two satellite halls, opened on 16 September. The Keolis joint venture Shanghai Keolis will operate and maintain the metro network for a period of 20 years. Shanghai Keolis won this contract in October 2017. This new airport

ROBEL Strengthens Its Position in France

URMA Rail/Maintenance turn into Robel France SAS The Robel Group continues to grow – following Robel North America, Robel France has now gone operational. From 10 July 2019 the Robel Holding GmbH (formerly Deutsche Plasser Holding GmbH) hold 80 percent of the newly founded Robel France SAS in Burhaupt-le-Haut (Alsace). The former

Reliable Technology for Chinese High-Speed Trains

China is home to the largest and most extensively used network of high-speed trains in the world. Based in Beijing, the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS) is the leading research and development institute, supporting this important industry with its specialised subsidiary, the Beijing Zongheng Electro-Mechanical Technology Development Co. Stäubli

Denmark to Get 4 Additional Coradia Lint Trains

Danish train operator Nordjyske Jernbaner A/S has ordered four Coradia Lint DMUs from Alstom. This will bring their total fleet of Coradia Lint regional trains to 17. Alstom says it will manufacture the rolling stock at its facility in Salzgitter, Germany and deliver the units by mid-2021. Coradia Lint Specifications for Danish

Afyonkarahisar’da 5 Serbest Hemzemin Geçit Otomatik Bariyerli Hale Dönüşecek

afyonkarahisarda serbest hemzemin gecit otomatik bariyerli hale donusecek

TCDD Afyonkarahisar 7. Bölge Müdürlüğü sınırları içinde bulunan demiryolu hatları üzerinde bulunan 5 adet Serbest Hemzemin Geçit Tam Otomatik Bariyer Sistemi ve Kamera kurulumu ile daha güvenli hale gelecektir. TCDD 7.Bölge Müdürlüğü Demiryolu Hattı üzerinde [devamı…]

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RegioJet Launches Double Deckers in Slovakia

Czech rail company RegioJet operates ‘public service obligation’ regional trains between Bratislava and Komárno (Slovakia). RegioJet has now begun running double-decker trains on this line. The double-decker coaches will increase capacity during peak hours – the morning and afternoon services. The addition of double-decker coaches on this line is significant. Just

Operation ‘Javelin’

Class 395 ‘Javelin’ charter trains have raised more than £125,000 for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. With this year’s Remembrance Day only two months away, Doug Lindsay takes up the story. The history of these special charter trains, utilising Southeastern High Speed Class 395 ‘Javelin’ trains’, dates back to 2011,

Rolling Stock Highlights at TRAKO 2019

Event Stadler will stage an official unveiling event for this EMU on Thursday, 24 September, at 3pm, outdoor area TZ 06. Did You Know? This order is the largest single order for rolling stock in the history of the railways in Poland. Manufacturing Site Stadler has three sites in Poland. Its headquarters in Warsaw, a

Ulaştırma Memur-Sen’den TCDD Çalışanlarının Promosyon Miktarının Artırılması Talebi

ulastirma memur senden tcdd calisanlarinin promosyon miktarinin artirilmasi talebi

Ulaştırma Memur-Sen, TCDD’de 2020-2023 yıllarına ilişkin banka promosyonları için yapılacak ihale şartnamesinin, rekabeti artıracak ve promosyon miktarını yükseltecek şekilde yeniden düzenlenmesini istedi. Ulaştırma Memur-Sen, ihale şartnamesine yönelik tespit ve önerilerinin belirtildiği resmi yazısını TCDD Muhasebe [devamı…]

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Bakü Kapıkule Hızlı Demiryolunun Proje Çalışmalarında Sona Gelindi

baku kapikule hizli demiryolunun proje calismalarinda sona gelindi

Bakan Turhan, Erzurum Valiliğini ziyaretinde yaptığı konuşmada, Ulaştırma ve Altyapı Bakanlığı ile Avrupa Birliği iş birliğinde “Türkiye’de Yolcu Taşımacılığı Hizmetlerinin Erişilebilirliği Projesi-Erzurum Harekete Geçme Çalıştayı”na katılmak için kente geldiğini söyledi. Turhan, çalıştayın amacının ulaşım ve [devamı…]

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Bakü Kapıkule Hızlı Demiryolu İnşaatı Yakın Zamanda Başlayacak

baku kapikule hizli demiryolu insaati yakin zamanda baslayacak

Türkiye’de Yolcu Taşımacılığı Hizmetlerinin Erişilebilirliği Projesi’nin Erzurum Çalıştayı’na katılmak için kente gelen Ulaştırma ve Altyapı Bakanı Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Erzurum Valiliğini ziyaretinde, Bakü-Kapıkule arasında yapılması planlanan hızlı demir yolunda proje çalışmalarının sona yaklaştığını söyledi. Valilik [devamı…]

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