The Future of Transportation

Safety First Arguably the most eagerly anticipated development in the transportation industry is the self-driving or connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) which, despite perception, is set to increase passenger safety across multiple transportation modalities. Trains could very well be first out of the gate as fully autonomous forms of transportation. And

16 November: news in brief

Weekend extra Green light for West Coast franchise NEW assurances by FirstGroup and Trenitalia over competition concerns about the West Coast Partnership franchise have been accepted by the Competition and Markets Authority. The partners have undertaken to cap fares and to maintain cheap Advance fares. The new franchise is due to begin

Update on Sale of British Steel

Jingye Group, a leading Chinese steelmaker, is pleased to announce that it has exchanged contracts and reached an agreement to acquire certain assets of British Steel. The Official Receiver and Special Managers from EY, Sam Woodward, Hunter Kelly and Alan Hudson, can confirm that contracts have been entered into with Jingye Steel (UK)

HS2 should go ahead despite costs hike, says review

Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire A recommendation that HS2 should continue to be built in full despite soaring costs has been welcomed by political leaders in the North. The leaked early draft of a report seen by The Times stated that the high-speed railway should go ahead as “large ticket price rises”

Guide to Network Rail’s routes and regions

Network Rail’s new geographic regions, established in June, takes on accountability for the delivery of all projects within their borders, including track and signalling.  This is the second phase of the company’s transformation into a customer and passenger focussed business. Andrew Haines, chief executive said: “Network Rail’s drive to be more customer and

Elizabeth Line delays will affect suburban links too

Updated 12 November THE predicted costs of Crossrail are set to rise again by as much as £650 million to more than £18 billion. Phased openings, now set to begin in 2021, will mean initial Elizabeth Line services to Shenfield will start from Liverpool Street main line, and Reading and Heathrow services

Crossrail Central Section Will Not Open in 2020

“The two critical paths for the project remain software development for the signalling and train systems, and the complex assurance and handover process for the railway; both involve safety certification for the Elizabeth line. These must be done to the highest quality standards to ensure reliability of the railway from

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing – MECX Medical

Rail (RISQS) Certified Supplier No. 3621 & RGS GE/RT 8070 Testing Railway Safety Critical Workers for Drugs & Alcohol It is every Employers legal duty to ensure that they protect their employee’s health, safety & well-being. This includes understanding the signs of drugs, alcohol & substance misuse or even abuse. MECX Medical

ORBEL Öğrenciler İçin Fiyat İndirdi!

orbel ogrenciler icin fiyat indirdi

Ordu Büyükşehir Belediyesi iştiraki ORBEL A.Ş, öğrenciler için Boztepe Teleferik, Ters Ev ve Boztepe Macera Park işletmelerinin kullanım ücretlerinde kampanya yaptı. Yapılan çalışmayla öğrencilere farklı bakış açısı kazandırmak ve ufkunu geliştirmek amaçlanıyor. “ÖĞRENCİLERİN UFKU GELİŞECEK” [devamı…]

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Dünyada Hızlı Tren Hatları

dunyada hizli tren hatlari

Dünyada Hızlı Tren Hatları : Yüksek Hızlı tren taşımacılığını kullanan ülkelerin yüksek hızlı tren hatları, bilgileri ve haritaları mevcut. Bu haberimizde aşağıdaki belirtiğimiz hat kesimlerine ait bilgilere ulaşabilirsiniz. Lütfen eksik, hatalı bilgilerimiz ile katkı sağlayacağını [devamı…]

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Socomec Launches Next Generation Modular Solution

Modularity – but Not as You Know It A flexible and truly modular approach has never been more important, with the increasing digitalisation of industry and the rapid expansion of the data centre market. Socomec’s next generation technology has been developed with changing data centre deployment and capacity models in mind –

23 October: news in brief

First London tram fitted with automatic brakes THE installation of an automatic braking system on London trams has begun, Transport for London has confirmed. The equipment was ordered in the wake of the fatal derailment at Sandilands in Croydon three years ago, when a tram overturned on a curve. Automatic braking

Avignon Tram Line Opens with Alstom Citadis X05 Trams

Avignon’s tramway opened to the public with Citadis X05 rolling stock from Alstom. On 19 October 2019 Avignon’s first tramway opened to the public. Line 1 has ten stations over 5.2km. The tram line runs from Jean Jaurès to Saint-Chamand Plaine des Sports. Elisabeth Borne, the former transport minister and current Minister

Haydarpaşa Garı Tarihi, Yapılış Hikayesi ve Haydar Baba Türbesi

haydarpasa gari tarihi yapilis hikayesi ve haydar baba turbesi

Haydarpaşa Garı’nın yapımına 1906 yılında II. Abdülhamit döneminde başlanılmış ve 1908 tarihinde tamamlanarak hizmete girmiştir. Bir Alman şirketince inşa edilen gara, III. Selim’in paşalarından olan Haydar Paşa’nın ismi verilmiştir. İnşa ediliş amacı, İstanbul Bağdat demiryolu [devamı…]

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Alstom Ubunye Inaugurates Rail Factory in South Africa

Alstom Ubunye inaugurated its rail factory in South Africa on 17 October 2019. Located in Ekurhuleni, the official opening ceremony took place in the presence of David Makhura, Premier of Gauteng, Dr Nkosindiphile Xhakaza, who is a Member of the Mayoral Committee for Finance and Economic Development in Ekurhuleni, and

Merseyrail strikes called off after new agreement

A SERIES of strikes on Merseyrail has been suspended by the RMT, after what the union described as a ‘breakthrough’ offer from management. The union said ‘the company tabled an offer that guarantees both a guard on the train and the safety-critical role of that guard in the despatch process’. The dispute

Classic stations: Newcastle Central

Newcastle Central is a listed building, the city’s major transport hub, and acts as both a terminus and a through station. Graeme Pickering recalls the station’s impressive past and assesses plans recently outlined for the future. NEWCASTLE Central station is widely regarded as one of the finest in the country. Its

Frequentis Rail Emergency Management Solution Prepares Sydney Trains for Future Passenger Demand

When streamlining multiple operation centres, an initial concern is often the loss of local knowledge. However, the Frequentis ICM solution ensures that this is not the case by centrally capturing such information, including emergency contact numbers for local contractors and emergency services. Based on the underlying responsibility model, staff have

Kütahya’da Tren Kazası!..1’i Ağır 2 Kişi Yaralandı

kutahyada tren kazasi i agir kisi yaralandi Kütahya’da hemzemin geçitte yük treninin çarptığı kamyonetteki 1’i ağır iki kişi yaralandı. Vatandaşların kazayı bildirmesi üzerine olay yerine sağlık ekipleri yaralılar hastaneye kaldırdı. Yaralılardan bir kişinin durumunun ciddi olduğu öğrenildi. Makinist Y.Ö’nün kullandığı 24274 sefer sayılı Tavşanlı-Eskişehir seferini yapan yük treni,

Bath conundrum

I enjoyed Mike Arlett’s articles on Bath Green Park in the August and September’s issues.  In particular, I was pleased to see the Ivo Peters’ photograph in the September article showing the departure of No. 568 on a Bournemouth train, and specifically No. 41902 preparing to leave on a local to

GB Railfreight celebrates 15 years of Locomotion

GB Railfreight Class 66 No. 66788 was named Locomotion on September 21 as part of the celebrations to mark a decade and a half since the National Railway Museum opened its outstation in Shildon, County Durham. Bob Tiller, GBRf engineering director, said: “The work Locomotion does to showcase the history of the

The Policy Update Europe

Greece & Ireland The European Commission has written to Greece and Ireland to encourage them to enact EU law that requires them to open up the market for domestic passenger rail services. EU Member States agreed to transpose the EU rules in the 4th Railway Package by 31 December 2018. Following

TPE accepts first ‘Nova 2’ CAF set

By Tony Miles TRANSPENNINE Express accepted the first ‘Nova 2’ Class 397 EMU into its fleet on July 25, meaning units from all three new ‘Nova’ train types have now joined its fleet.  The first sets to be delivered are still being used for type testing, and require some

Northern withdraws first batch of ‘Pacers’

NORTHERN has withdrawn the first its Class 142 ‘Pacer’ units – 11 months later than planned.  The first was scheduled for retirement in September 2018, but late delivery and acceptance of replacement units gave the ‘Pacers’ a stay of execution.  Class 142 ‘Pacer’ No. 142005 being sent off for its

Stanier pair celebrate Conwy Valley reopening

NETWORK Rail and Transport for Wales Rail Services hosted a special main line steam trip on August 3 to celebrate the reopening of the Conwy Valley line in North Wales. ‘The Conwy Quest’, double-headed by West Coast Railways’ Stanier ‘8F’ No. 48151 and ‘Jubilee’ No. 45690 Leander, ran from Chester to Blaenau Ffestiniog. 

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş’ye Atanan Vagon Teknisyenlerinin Dikkatine

tcdd tasimacilik a sye atanan vagon teknisyenlerinin dikkatine

2019/1 KPSS Merkezi Atamasıyla TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş’ye Vagon Teknisyeni Olarak Atanan Adayların Dikkatine! TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş personeline uygulanan psikoteknik ve sağlık yönergesi güncellendiğinden; sağlık kurulu raporlarının yenilenmesi gerekmektedir. SAĞLIK KURULU RAPORUNDA; 1-Göz, Kulak-Burun-Boğaz, Dahiliye, Genel [devamı…]

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Rail Baltica Addresses Impact of Climate Change

Climate Change Mitigation Measures Severe weather events such as heavy rain and winds, storms and snow, freezing rain and glazed frost can all suspend or disrupt rail traffic. They can also damage railway infrastructure. Operational safety and additional asset damage are further concerns. There are also financial considerations. For example, insurance

Delay to Birmingham’s eastern £137m extension

GOVERNMENT approval for the West Midlands Metro’s £137million Eastside extension to Digbeth, which would serve the proposed HS2 station at Curzon Street, is being delayed by uncertainty over the high-speed rail project. The extended tramline, which would connect Curzon Street with New Street, Moor Street and Snow Hill stations, may not

Bakanlıktan TCDD ihalesi açıklaması

Ulaştırma ve Altyapı Bakanlığınca, Haydarpaşa ve Sirkeci Gar sahalarının atıl durumdaki bazı bölümlerinin kiralanmasıyla TCDD’nin, kültür ve sanat etkinliklerinin düzenlenebileceği bir alan oluşturmayı amaçladığı belirtildi.

Northern Fleet Refurbishment Two Thirds Complete

The trains in the Northern fleet that are undergoing refurbishment works, as per the franchise agreement are: Sprinters: Class 150/1 & 150/2 Super Sprinters: Class 155 & 156 Express Sprinters: Class 158/0 & 158/9 Turbostars: Class 170/4 Class 319, 323 & 333 EMUs Improved Passenger Facilities The refurbishment programme will make the trains more comfortable and provide

RMT to stage industrial action over tube track noise

A TRACK fastening system which is alleged to be the source of excessive noise on parts of London Underground has sparked industrial action by the RMT on four deep tube lines. Pandrol Vanguard is described by its manufacturer as ‘a unique rail fastening system with very low vertical dynamic stiffness that

Telegärtner: Robust Solutions for Rail Projects

Telegärtner Rail Distribution Box In rough conditions high-quality fibre-optical connections are needed despite the mechanical and climatic stress. For this purpose, Telegärtner has developed the train-approved distribution box, RDB. Because of its tested reliability against vibrations, shocks, heat, coldness and humidity, the RDB is perfectly suited for use in harsh environments. Besides its

Çerkezköy Kapıkule Demiryolu Hattı’nın Temeli Atılıyor

cerkezkoy kapikule demiryolu hattinin temeli atiliyor

AK Parti Edirne Milletvekili Fatma Aksal, yaptığı yazılı açıklamada, Halkalı Kapıkule Demiryolu Hattı Projesi’nin, Ulaştırma ve Altyapı Bakanlığı’nın Avrupa Birliği – Türkiye Mali İşbirliği çerçevesinde IPA II Döneminde gerçekleştireceği en büyük altyapı projesi olduğuna dikkati [devamı…]

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Propex Geosoltuions Recieves Carbon Footprint Verification

About Propex Environmental Vision Propex believes in being good stewards of the environment, and has adopted a three-pronged approach to our green commitment – reducing our carbon footprint, implementing sustainable manufacturing practices and developing products that have lasting environmental benefits. Through this vision, we hope to not only hold ourselves accountable,

Grant Shapps wants rail fares paid to independent body

Analysis Sim Harris TRANSPORT secretary Grant Shapps has come under fire from opposition politicians and unions for saying that franchised operators should be ‘paid when they run trains on time’. He was being interviewed in the wake of an ORR announcement yesterday that a new punctuality measurement will no longer allow

Biçerova İstasyon Binası ve Menemen Gar Binası Zemin Katının Onarımının Yapılması …

bicerova istasyon binasi ve menemen gar binasi zemin katinin bakim onariminin yapilmasi yapim isi

Biçerova İstasyon Binası Ve Menemen Gar Binası Zemin Katının Bakım Onarımının Yapılması İhale Sonucu T.C Devlet Demiryolları İşletmesi 3. Bölge Satın Alma Ve Stok Kontrol Servis Müdürlüğünün (TCDD) 2019/404206 KİK numaralı sınır değeri 404.632,68 TL [devamı…]

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Canray Ulaşım, Alstom’un Üst Düzey Yönetimini Ağırladı

canray ulasim alstomun ust duzey yonetimini agirladi

Demiryolu taşımacılık sektöründe dünyanın önde gelen firmalarından Alstom ile işbirliklerini olağanüstü bir hız ile geliştiren Yeşilova Holding bünyesinde yer alan Canray Ulaşım, Alstom’un üst düzey yönetimini ağırladı. Yeşilova Holding’in 44 yıllık sanayi sektörü tecrübesindeki son [devamı…]

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Reliable Technology for Chinese High-Speed Trains

China is home to the largest and most extensively used network of high-speed trains in the world. Based in Beijing, the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS) is the leading research and development institute, supporting this important industry with its specialised subsidiary, the Beijing Zongheng Electro-Mechanical Technology Development Co. Stäubli

£26m to rescue Island Line

THE uncertain future of Island Line has been secured by a new rolling stock deal as well as a Network Rail commitment to renew the pier at Ryde, which carries the line into the town. The investment will total £26 million. The five two-car Class 484 sets will be D-Trains from

This year at TRAKO

Where: AmberExpo Exhibition and Congress Center, Gdańsk. When: 24–27 September 2019 23 Sep (Pre-TRAKO Day): 10am–6pm: technical conferences & seminars requiring pre-registration 24 Sep: 10am–5pm: open hours 11am–12:30pm: opening ceremony 3pm–3:30pm: Stadler presentation of its FLIRT for Poland; location: TZ 06 25 Sep: 10am–5pm: open hours 3pm–5pm: feature event: ‘State of Railway Safety’ debate; location: room 1A 26 Sep: 10am–5pm: open hours 11am–noon: feature event: ‘Digitalisation in

What’s in Store at Railway Interchange 2019

RSI Educational & Technical Training Conference The RSI Educational & Technical Training Conference aims to educate participants on new technologies and trends in the rail industry. There will be more than 50 educational sessions on subjects such as railcar maintenance, rail operations, air brake technologies, and leadership in the rail industry. A number

Trackmobile: A Leader in Safety and Innovation

Innovation and safety aren’t Trackmobile’s only commitments—they also value quality and quality management. Trackmobile earned the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, which is based on a wide array of quality management principles, like a strong customer focus, clear documentation processes, internal organization, and continual improvement. In short, this means

ROBEL. Whatever The Task.

Competent & Certified: The Service One-Stop Shop Robel service delivers support across the full range of small and large railway construction machines with the key European workshop approvals from Germany, France, the UK and Scandinavia. The performance includes training, supply of spare parts, machine fault repair, full maintenance servicing schedule, retrofit

Industry Insider Week 36 – 7 Must-Read Rail News Stories

Trains for Blackpool | Northern Continues Fleet Roll-Out | Rolling Stock Northern will begin operating new electric trains between Blackpool and Liverpool on Monday 9 September. The train operating company says further trains will be launched to serve Blackpool-York and Blackpool-Bolton-Hazel Grove. Northern are replacing their fleet of Pacer trains with

Socomec | The New Breed of Electrical Ecosystem

As a Top 100 supplier, integrated power manufacturer, Socomec, has been invited to take part in the annual CBRE Supply Partner Event on Thursday October 3rd 2019. The event showcases market leading products with an emphasis on delivering demonstrable value and exceptional user outcomes. Participants in the event are carefully selected

Rise in violent crime on Britain’s railways

The number of violent and sexual offences has increased on Britain’s railways, according to new figures revealed by the British Transport Police (BTP). BTP recorded 68,313 crimes in 2018/19, up from 60,867 during the previous 12 months. Violent crime accounted for a fifth of all cases, while sexual offences increased by

Swiss Combi buys stake in SBB Cargo

SWITZERLAND: Swiss Combi AG, a joint venture formed of four road transport and logistics companies in the private sector, has bought a 35% stake in SBB Cargo AG for an undisclosed sum, although SBB AG retains a 65% majority holding. Swiss Combi consists of Planzer Holding AG (40%), Camion Transport AG

PowerRail Awarded Major Contract with New Jersey Transit

PowerRail, Inc., a certified AAR M-1003 Quality Company, was recently awarded a multi-year $1.9M contract with New Jersey Transit to manufacture new Passenger Car Class F Journal Adapter Boxes. Paul Foster, President and CEO of PowerRail, stated: “This is a fabulous opportunity for PowerRail, and our bearings and journal box facility, Cooper

Trains for Blackpool | Northern Continues Fleet Roll-Out

Northern Trains for Blackpool Launch Event To mark this introduction, Northern held an event in Blackpool. Paul Maynard, MP for Blackpool North and Under-Secretary of State for Transport attended along with community leaders. Paul Maynard MP said: “The rollout of new, modern trains across the Northern network is a landmark moment in delivering

Systra buys British Steel’s TSP Projects business

UK: Systra announced the acquisition of British Steel’s TSP Projects subsidiary on August 30. The international transport consultancy said this would double its presence in the UK, with TSP Projects’ extensive experience of civils, electrification and track works complementing its existing UK rail engineering services and providing it with an

LNER to pilot UK rail ticketing reform

UK: East Coast Main Line operator LNER is to pilot proposed reforms to Great Britain’s fares system from January 2 2020, with tickets going on sale from November 29. Announcing the trial on August 29, the Department for Transport said its aim was to ‘significantly boost customer confidence and flexibility in

Lakeside’s Barclay steals the show at Foxfield gala

VISITING Andrew Barclay 0-6-0T No. 14 (1245/1911) certainly stole the show at the Foxfield Railway’s Summer Gala on July 20-21, recalling the heyday of the Scottish coalfields when these big Barclay tanks were a common sight on coal trains.  The former Carron Iron Company loco had made the journey to Staffordshire

Alstom Delivers First Five Léman Express Trains

SNCF has received the first five Coradia Polyvalent Léman Express trains from Alstom. Delivered to the SNCF Technicentre in Annemasse, these trains will operate on the CEVA railway line between France and Switzerland around the south of Lake Geneva. Alstom says it will start delivering five trains a month between

SOB and SBB in Co-operation Agreement | Traverso Presentation

Schweizerische Südostbahn (SOB) and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) will co-operate on two long-distance routes starting in 2020. SOB will use its Stadler Traverso trains for these services. From December 2020 onwards SOB will operate an hourly service across the Gotthard mountain route to Locarno, alternating between Zurich and Basel at the

Vossloh Sells Locomotives Business to CRRC

German transport technology manufacturer Vossloh says it is selling its locomotives business to CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CRRC Ltd. Vossloh is currently unable to reveal the purchase price, as various adjustments affecting the balance sheets are still outstanding. However, the anticipated sum lies in the low single-digit

Vossloh to sell Locomotives business to CRRC

GERMANY: On August 26 Vossloh AG announced its intention to sell its Locomotives business unit to Chinese state-owned rolling stock group CRRC. Vossloh Locomotives is based in Kiel, where a new production facility was completed in March 2018. The business specialises in producing small and medium sized diesel and dual-mode locos

World rolling stock market – August 2019

Australia: The UGL Unipart 70:30 JV has been awarded a five-year extension to its contract to maintain Sydney Trains’ fleet of more than 1 050 vehicles. The contract runs for five years from July 1, replacing a two-year extension announced in January. South Australia has awarded Bombardier a contract to supply

A West Highland celebration

In the first of two features focusing on the West Highland line, which marks its 125th anniversary this year, Keith Farr analyses steam-hauled journeys over this scenic and demanding route. Glasgow (Queen Street) high-level terminus is being transformed. Platforms are being extended to cope with more frequent and longer trains

Northern ‘Pacers’ to nod along until 2020

Photo: Ben Jones. Arriva Rail North has confirmed that some of its unpopular ‘Pacer’ railbuses will be required beyond the December 31 withdrawal deadline. Delays in the delivery and commissioning of new CAF Class 195 DMUs and Class 331 EMUs, which entered limited public service six months late on July

UK Government Launches Oakervee Review into HS2

The High Speed 2 project, which would connect London to the North of England via Birmingham, received a blow yesterday (21 August) as the UK government announced it was opening up an independent review “into whether and how to proceed with the […] project”. Douglas Oakervee, a retired engineer who was

Flat Cars for Deutsche Bahn Sent for Testing

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, a subsidiary of United Wagon Group, has sent a number of flat cars it is manufacturing for Deutsche Bahn for testing. The flat cars, model Sggrs80, will transport heavyweight containers. Deutsche Bahn signed a contract with United Wagon Company for 160 units. Chief Procurement Officer at

HS2 make or break decision looms

TRANSPORT secretary Grant Shapps says a ‘go or no-go’ decision will be made about HS2 by the end of the year. The DfT said a review will ‘consider whether and how the project should proceed’, and will take into account the benefits, cost and practicality of building lines between London, Birmingham

State of the Art

Nick Pigott tells the story of the Guild of Railway Artists, from early brush strokes to acknowledged masterpieces and now looking to the future as the group celebrates its 40th anniversary… RAILWAY art is almost as old as steam railways themselves.  In the 19th century, Monet, Turner, Frith and

Prime Minister Boris Johnson backs HS3 route

Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire Just a few days after taking office, new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to fund a faster rail route between Leeds and Manchester, which he claimed would “turbo-charge” regional growth. Speaking in front of Stephenson’s Rocket at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, Mr Johnson said: “I

15 August: news in brief

Man who blocked Eurostar services is jailed A MAN from north London who staged a solitary protest over Brexit and the police by climbing on to a railway tunnel near St Pancras International has been jailed for a year. Terry Maher, 44, of Cubitt Street in London WC1, clambered on to

LED Bulbs – Are They Worth the Investment?

As we all know, there is no shortage of lightbulbs on and in a locomotive. With multiple applications that require a luminary, whether it be headlights on the outside, cab-lighting within, or even safety switches, the sizes and options seem to be endless. And let’s not forget the technology that

Unipart Rail: Taking Aqueous Guard Technology to China

Guangzhoh and DongGuan Metros have both invited Unipart Rail to protect their fleets external appearance with Aqueous Guard – and have been so impressed that they have now asked for their internal surfaces to be treated too. Aqueous Guard is a paint-on ceramic coating that enhances the appearance of a vehicle,

Northern Takes First Pacer Train Out of Service

UK rail franchise operator Northern has taken its first Pacer ‘train’ – British Rail Class 142 – out of service. The unit in question, 142005, has been in service since 1987 and has completed more than three million miles. On its final journey it carried passengers between Manchester Victoria and

13 August: news in brief

Union calls for action after Caledonian Sleeper overran at Edinburgh THE TSSA union is calling for ‘speedy action’ following the overrun of a Caledonian Sleeper train at Edinburgh almost two weeks ago. The train ran 650m past its intended stopping point before it could be brought to a stand, on 1