Upgrade Project Completed at Eurostar’s London Depot

Furrer+Frey has completed an upgrade project at Eurostar’s depot in London with the installation of moveable electrification equipment.

Throughout this project, every road at Eurostar’s London Temple Mills depot has been equipped with conductor bar technology that can retract at the touch of a button. This will allow the depot staff to safely service and maintain Eurostar trains by providing them with access to the roof and to the loading and unloading equipment.

Once the servicing work is complete, the bar is then returned so that the trains can move away under electric traction.

Engineers install moveable electrification equipment at Eurostar depotEngineers install moveable electrification equipment at Eurostar depot

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This equipment is now fitted to all eight roads in the depot, spanning over 1.5 kilometres.

Simon Tyler, Head of UK Depot for Eurostar said:

Safety, reliability, and resilience are at the heart of what we do. The completion of works shows our commitment to providing a more sustainable rail network that delivers the very best for our teams at Temple Mills Depot and for our customers.”

This work has been ongoing since 2007 and its final phase was completed in October 2023.

The installation is also part of an upgrade that allows trains to be raised three metres into the air to access bogies underneath.

Noel Dolphin, Head of UK Projects at Furrer+Frey, said:

“We’ve been thrilled to work with Eurostar over the last fifteen years to fully fit the depot and boost the reliability of their trains. A depot needs to function like an F1 pitstop, getting trains in, serviced, and out again quickly and safely. Gone are the days of a dark diesel depot. Modern depots are clean and efficient and this equipment powers that change.”

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