CRRC Tangshan Exports 46 Passenger Trains to Pakistan

CRRC Tangshan has exported the first 46 broad-gauge passenger trains to Pakistan along with 169 cases of spare parts.

The vehicles were loaded on to Vessel Da’an at Huisheng Wharf of Tianjin Port in Northern China to be shipped to Karachi Port in Pakistan.

CRRC PakistanThe broad-gauge passenger trains for export to Pakistan are designed with new concepts, adopting broad-gauge bogies and a lightweight body structure

The passenger trains will operate at a speed of 160 kilometres per hour and are designed with a lightweight body structure that provides large passenger capacity with a small axle load in line with the operational needs of the railway in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the seats and handrails have been designed ergonomically to significantly improve passenger comfort.

Unlike previous exports, this project involves local manufacturing and technical transfer between CRRC and the Pakistan Railway Administration. As part of this delivery, 25 trainees from the Pakistan Railway Administration have successfully completed training in Tangshan, China and have received relevant qualifications.

This export model of combining ‘product + technology + service’ is an important practice for CRRC in promoting technological co-operation.