ARCOSYSTEM® the Perfect Fit In Scenic Austria

Our elevated cable troughing ARCOSYSTEM® was expertly installed at some challenging trackside locations in Austria.

In the southern Austrian state of Carinthia, ARCOSYSTEM® was fitted alongside a stretch of railway running between the city of Klagenfurt, on the eastern shore of Lake Wörthersee, and the village of Weizelsdorf. The mountainous terrain required the troughing to be attached to a tall slanted concrete wall along the route, as well as to the side of stone bridges. One bridge required cross-axis parts to be fitted, clamping onto existing HEA beams.

composite systems for railThe cable troughing ARCOSYSTEM® fixed to the side of a stone bridge

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Further north in the country at Traunsee, ARCOSYSTEM® was fixed to the rear of the platform at Traunkirchen railway station, and to a towering section of rock face at Obertraun.

These projects highlighted once again the flexibility of ARCOSYSTEM® and how it can be securely fixed to a variety of trackside surfaces and structures. With its bespoke range of laser-cut steel bracketry and choice of trough sizes, ARCOSYSTEM® is the answer to many complex routes where track access is difficult or variable. The lightweight design of the troughing ensures height and directional adjustments can be easily made, with the system capable of being post-mounted, wall-hung, or attached to a range of lineside features such as railings, bridges, beams, or roadside barriers.

Manufactured from pultruded fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP), ARCOSYSTEM® offers durability in all weathers — including freeze-thaw cycles — and has a working temperature range of -40˚C to +80˚C. Its robust construction means it can carry cable loads of up to 90kg/m, making it the ideal system to house and protect the likes of power cables and fibre-optic digital communication lines.

ARCOSYSTEM® is exclusively distributed in the UK by Complete Composite Systems. Contact our technical experts for more information or any advice for your cable management requirements. The product is manufactured by our Swiss partners Castioni Kabelführungssysteme GmbH, while the exclusive UK rail stockist is Scott Parnell.

This article was originally published by Complete Composite Systems.